Stiff Neck: Causes and Natural remedies

What is the cause of Stiff Neck? The neck is a part of our body that allows us to look in different directions, among other things, and also represents a connective bridge between the head (brain) and the rest of the body.  Pain in the next when you move (torticollis) or a lack of flexibility (stiff neck).  Woman with a stiff neckThis is generally due to excessive tension when the body is submitted to long and constant periods of stress.  This creates swelling and “knots” that are especially sensitive to stress accumulation.

There are, however, several other causes that could cause this affliction in the neck.

Causes that provoke stiff neck and torticollis:

  • Irritation of the cervical nerves which appears after a contraction or spasm of the neck muscles.  This can be caused by either an impact (traumatic injury), brisk neck movements, or a strong muscular pull in the neck.
  • Sleeping in an uncomfortable position.
  • Spending long periods of time with anxiety or tension.
  • Muscular injuries to the neck at birth.
  • Cervical disk hernia.
  • Bacterial or viral infection

Symptoms of a stiff neck:

  • Back pain
  • Impossible to turn the head
  • Hardening of the neck muscles (tension knots)
  • Strange neck positioning

Because one of this condition’s root factors is excessive tension, we will provide you with some remedies to lessen accumulated tension.

Natural remedies for treating a stiff neck:

  • Apply warm compresses around the neck.
  • Give yourself massages with physiotherapy, aromatherapy, Swiss massage, etc.
  • Bioenergetic therapy: an excellent way of liberating tensions and stress knots that accumulate throughout the body.
  • Follow a diet low in refined sugars and high in fresh vegetables.
  • Drink relaxing herbal teas like chamomile, orange blossom, passionflower, lettuce, apple, grapefruit, violets, etc.
  • Explore a new philosophy for seeing or living life, without so much pressure, anxiety, and harsh thoughts.  Learn to let in new points of view and solutions.  Don’t establish rigid, foolish, or self-depleting criticism.  It is recommended to read literature that help release possible fears and insecurities that could be the emotional causes as to why your neck “can’t” turn to see “other points of view”.

Home massage for relieving symptoms:

Ask someone to help give you this massage.

Sitting in a relaxed position with your shoulders released, your eyes closed, and your hair tied back (if it is long).  Ask someone to use their fingertips to give you the massage.  If you prefer, ask them to rub a bit of aromatherapy oils on your neck before beginning (previously properly diluted).  Once ready, the masseuse should begin by softly pressing the affected area of the neck (avoid the spine, rub over the muscle).  Make circular movements of pressure with the fingertips.  You must do this until the neck is a little relaxed, and then press harder, even if it causes a bit of pain.

If no one is available to give you a massage, you can give yourself a simple massage by relaxing one arm, while giving yourself a massage with the other, using a lemon to press your neck.  Rub it wherever you can reach.  Then, change hands, and repeat on the other side.

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