Natural First Aid Kit, part 2: Eucalyptus

A lot of you can remember your grandmothers or mothers placing a small pot of eucalyptus leaves, freshly gathered as they strolled through the plaza, to boil for a few minutes, then letting the fresh aroma fill the house…

Eucalyptus leaves

That wasn’t just a tradition, but your grandmothers and mothers knew this plant’s properties.

A lot of creams sold commercially today contain eucalyptus, as well as syrups too.  This is because it contains antispasmodic, refreshing and decongestant properties, and it is a favorite for respiratory conditions.  

Because it is difficult to find in some areas, eucalyptus leaves can be substituted by placing two to three drops of essential eucalyptus oil in 1 liter of water.


When inhaling the steam from the pot with essential oils in it, you need to close your eyes so as not to irritate them.  Breathe through your nose even though it may be a bit difficult.  The idea is just to unclog your nostrils.

Perfect for: colds, cough, nasal congestion.

Did you know…?  The way we just described to benefit from eucalyptus essential oils is known as: INHALATION/VAPORIZATION.  This is one way to capture the properties of some essential oils.

NOTE: Remember, like I always say, do not ingest essential oils.  Always consult a physician if you have any question regarding aromatherapy.

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