Sodas affect teeth in the same way Crack does

The negative effects on teeth caused by drugs like crack and methamphetamines could be just as severe as those caused by soda consumption.

Sodas affect teeth in the same way Crack doesAn alarming report today has been confirmed by a studied performed by doctor Mohamed Bassiouny, professor of Restorative Dentistry at the University of Temple, which has been published in the magazine General Dentistry.

Soda, crack and methamphetamines

The study compared the experience of three individuals, on 29 year old methamphetamine addict, and 51 year old crack consumer, and a 30 year old woman that consumed large amounts of soda.  

According to the study, the three individuals has similar socio-economical background, and lived in urban areas where fluoridated water was common.

In all three cases, noticeable tooth decay was noticed, which not only led to cavities, but to severe bone erosion as well, caused by the high acidity of sodas, just like drugs.

High acidity

Acidity, also known as pH, is measured on a scale of 0 to 14.  Numbers closer to 0 are more acidic, and in regards to sodas, the darkest sodas can have a value of 3.

We don’t want to blow things out of proportion and state that sodas will end up ruining your smile, but it is better to prevent and not over do your soda consumption.

The woman in the experiment ended up with affected teeth in large part because she consumed up to two liters of soda a day.  This all took place over a period or 3 to 5 years. 

Yes, it is harmful

The serious part of this study is that it finally proves that sodas can be just as harmful as addictive drugs like crack and methamphetamines, when not kept under control.

This study has aroused protest from the United States Beverage Association, stating that science still has not absolutely supported the theory that sodas are the only causative factor of cavities or erosion, calling doctor Mohamed Bassiouny irresponsible.

However, the researcher has defended his comparison, stating that throughout the entire length of his professional career, he has observed hundreds of similar cases in which sodas have caused similar dental erosion.

He even went as far as to say that he was “trying to connection between drug consumers – and their habitual neglect – and to connect them with the same traits of a soda drinker.

Bad for the bones

Let’s remember that prior to any study, there are other ways in which soda consumption was directly related to general tooth decay, because of its high phosphoric acid content.

This component can unleash illnesses like osteoporosis, because it robs minerals from the bones.  This means it leads to poor calcium absorption in bones.

Sodas also contain other basic ingredients like carbonated water, sweeteners, flavoring, preservatives, antioxidants, and thickeners.

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