Special Weight Loss Diet and Tips for People with Gastritis

If you have gastritis or colitis, and your body is also carrying a bit of extra weight, there’s nothing better for you than this diet.  There are probably certain foods that, even though they are wonderful for weight loss, aren’t appropriate if you suffer from gastritis.  But there are also foods that can cure gastritis while also helping you lose weight.  So wait no longer.  If you truly want to lose weight and heal your stomach, follow this super effective advice.

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Keep in mind that…

Excess weight is caused primarily by a poorly functioning liver, and by stress!  Stress is very interesting.  It happens, and it is natural for solving problems and facing life challenges.  But when you are constantly under prolonged stress, this creates a long list of body conditions, including gastritis and being overweight.

The type of stress that causes one to gain weight is the stress that makes you feel constantly irritated, annoyed, or angry about situations that it seems like you can’t change or affect.  For example: whenever you are facing family situations or constant fighting, and you feel affected by it and no one else understands.  Then one way the body “protects itself”, either from anger, rejection, or indifference from others, is weight gain.

Foods for losing weight and treating gastritis

FRUIT: for losing weight and helping gastritis, papaya and apples are undoubtedly the best fruits you could use.  Some people say that papaya has a lot of sugar, and that this isn’t good for weight loss, but that is not true.  The sugar in fruits is easily digested, and it doesn’t create saturated fats.  It’s also easy for the body to process, highly benefiting the body.  The only thing you need to be careful about is not combining papaya or apples with any other foods.  This means that the key to this is to eat the fruit by itself, or with some nuts.

Papaya reduces inflammation, cleanses, it is full of vitamins, especially betacarotene, which is wonderful for gastritis, cleansing the intestines of toxins and toxic material, and stimulating the liver.  This will also help you process fats better, while also getting rid of harmful fats.  Breakfast is the best time to eat it.  Combine it with raw oats or linseed (one tablespoon).

At night, we recommend peeled apples, lightly boiled.  This is a wonderful remedy for gastritis, and it also helps move toxins from the body.  Boil your apples a bit and add two dates to them, along with the juice from one lemon.  Eat this for dinner.

INFUSIONS: boldo tea is an excellent herb for weight loss and for curing gastritis.  This tea is perfect for helping the liver process fats and cleanse toxins.  Drink one cup before breakfast, adding the juice from half a lemon.  Drink when freshly prepared.  Lemons are not “bad” for gastritis.  On the contrary, lemons become alkaline.  This means that they lose their acidity the moment they enter your body.  Lemons help repair tissue, evacuate toxins, and most of all, they help fight gastritis because they repair tissues and reduce inflammation.

VEGETABLES: vegetable soups, steamed vegetables, especially cabbage, potatoes, chayote, onions and prickly pear help lose weight quickly, and also cure gastritis.  Make your vegetable soup for lunch, adding finely diced onions, a sprig of parsley, and whichever vegetables you like.  Add a lot of diced cabbage, and one small potato.

SUPPLEMENTS: take one teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll a day, diluted in one glass of water.  Prickly pear and aloe are wonderful for weight loss.  Make smoothies or juices with these vegetables daily.

AVOID: all irritants, red meat and cow’s milk, along with refined foods.  These only cause toxins, which turn into extra weight and do not help the body remove harmful fats that are lodged in the body.

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