Agave Inulin to treat Gastritis, Colitis, Constipation, High Cholesterol, Weight loss, etc.

Nature has a remedy for everything, and she provides us with foods that have great medicinal benefits, like agave inulin.  This ingredient, or dietary supplement has a long list of health benefits.  Thanks to bio-technology, inulin can be extracted from blue agave cones, a plant that creates the extract used for the famous Mexican drink, Tequila.

Agave Inulin to treat Gastritis, Colitis, Constipation, High Cholesterol, Weight loss, etc.Inulin possesses extraordinary medicinal and dietary properties, like these mentioned below:

  • It is high in dietary fiber, which is why it is used to help the intestines in correct bowel movements, removing accumulated waste and toxins daily from the intestins.
  • It has a prebiotic effect, which means that unlike probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that eat waste and harmful intestinal bacteria, prebiotics keep probiotics healthy.  They nourish the probiotics that are already naturally in the body, making them more resistant and effective.
  • Inulin has a large FOS content (fructooligosaccharides), which are components that promote correct intestinal, stomach, etc., functioning because they stimulate bifidobacteria construction (constructive bacteria) in the body.
  • Agave inulin is rich in fructans, simple sugars whose molecules have, among other properties, interesting health properties.  They act as non-digestible carbohydrates and stimulate beneficial bacteria action and soluble fiber.  This promotes better calcium and magnesium absorption, helping correct bone construction.
  • Due to the properties it possesses, it helps prevent colon and stomach cancer.
  • It helps reduce triglycerides and regulates beneficial cholesterol in the body, preventing harmful cholesterol from accumulating.
  • Reduces and prevents the risk of heart problems and heart attacks.
  • Helps control and regulate weight.
  • Very useful for treating gastritis, colitis, or abdominal inflammation that gas produces.

How should I take agave inulin?

To consume inulin, we recommend purchasing it at a store that sells organic products because they will provide you with much higher quality products.  It generally comes in powder form, which you can prepare in the following fashion:

Use one tablespoon of powdered agave inulin in these ways:

Inulin treatment for gastritis and colitis:

Drink a cup of chamomile tea before breakfast and add a tablespoon of inulin powder.  Drink it warm without sweetening.  If you have gastritis or colitis it is important that you do not neglect your mealtimes, eat on schedule, and avoid any sort of irritating product, like alcohol, vinegar, chocolate, spicy food, etc.  Avoid white bread and refined sugar.  Drink at least 2 liters of water a day for this treating, avoid sugar-sweetened beverages or anything that contains additional coloring or chemicals, as these only damage health.  Drink plain or simple water.  Avoid stress and try to focus on the most peaceful ways  of life.

Inulin treatment for cholesterol, losing weight or lowering triglycerides:

Drink inulin in a dandelion or boldo infusion before breakfast, with one teaspoon of inulin a day.  Avoid any refined sugars in your diet, including white flour and cow’s milk.  These create harmful toxins in the body and damage the stomach.  Your diet should be based on raw or steamed vegetables, and drink 2 liters of water a day.  At night, drink another boldo or dandelion infusion with inulin.

Inulin treatment for constipation and colon cancer:

Drink a linseed infusion wit ha tablespoon of inulin daily.  Follow a diet in which you spend two days eating solely papaya and the recommended infusion, along with 2 liters of pure water during those days.  Afterwards, slowly include either raw or steamed vegetables into your diet, in the form of juices or salads.  Do not eat any red meat, nor poultry for one month, nor refined flour, white sugar, or processed animal meat.  Constipation is a serious health problem because accumulated toxins in the body reach maximum levels.  It is important that you have a bowel movement every day, at least twice a day.  Anything less is considered constipation and you should follow some sort of intestinal regulatory diet.  Exercise is a complementary part of this diet, because it improves intestinal movements and the process of capturing and eliminating toxins that would otherwise remain in the body.

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