Smiling: the wisest of your Emotions

There is something wonderful about some people that makes everyone around them fascinated and enamored by the magic that surrounds them: their smile.

A captivating smile is irresistible, and everyone has ran into someone that traps us with their smile.  But beyond being the most intelligent and beautiful faces we have, to smile is one of the simplest curative practices of all.

Smiling:Woman smiling showing the teeth

  1. Reduces blood pressure and stress
  2. Strengthens the immune system
  3. Lifts your mind and spirit
  4. Helps move beyond periods of depression into enthusiasm

But…why smile if I don’t want to?  Even if you don’t want to, and you smile out of politeness or lack of anything else better to do, the effects are the same.  Try this right now: think of someone you don’t like and smile at the same time.  You’ll notice that resentment or feelings of anger disappear instantly.  This is what every smile brings.

Look at how the people around you smile and you’ll hear what they have to say without words.

The toothless smile:

The smile that doesn’t show teeth, and is drawn on the face in the shape of a half moon.  This is a sign of independence and self-sufficiency.  It’s said that people who smile this way are stable, possess a certain quality of complicity (they laugh at themselves), and feel a simple pleasure which gives them a special kind of charisma.

Tooth-showing smile:

This smile, accompanied by friendly visual contact is a sign of caring and welcome, with the intent of open emotional friendship.

The cold and fake smile:

We all notice instantly when someone doesn’t want to laugh and is forcing happiness.  Typically, this smile still works (as previously described), but the person who frequently feels forced to smile and doesn’t feel it as something natural, will need to eventually make friends with themselves. 

The Buddha smile:

This is the gentle smile, always kept on some faces, which leads you to believe that person was born smiling.  This smile, accompanied by a passive gaze speaks clearly of the high spiritual development of that person.  This is someone who feels deeply at peace and satisfied with who they are.  They are wonderful friends and wise counselors.  Their permanent smile feels like two arms forever open, ready to give and receive.

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