4 Tips to be more Charismatic

Charisma is a personal magic that some people possess, to create a truly attractive influence on the other people they relate to.  A charismatic personality is one that motivates and has a magnetic quality to its presence.  These people stand our and are usually the center of attention wherever they are.

Tips to be more CharismaticThis personal magic has been a point of interest for several psychologist and people who study human behavior.  This quality creates a truly powerful influence in those who possess it.

The truth is, everyone has the potential to develop their personal magic to the top.  The point is, however, that not everyone knows the secrets about this positive way of living.  Shortly, we will tell you 3 qualities to develop so you can become your own sun in your life, and a beautiful light in the lives of others.

Tips to be more Charismatic

1. Friendliness: It is sometimes hard to carry out this quality, because we’re always thinking about ourselves, and not about the other.  If you begin to act, however, as if everything you do for everyone else, you actually do for yourself, you’ll see how people that relate to you will begin to respond positively to you.  For example, always say hi with a smile, and while looking someone in the eyes.  If someone reaches out to shake your hand, make your grip confident, and don’t give your hand halfheartedly.  Give them your hand with pleasure, no matter who they are.  Other ways to develop friendliness is to learn to see the opportunity to help others.  For example, if you can make someone else’s job easier, so it, even though this takes a couple more minutes of your time.  Or, if you go to the grocery store and the person standing behind you in line has just a few items, let them go ahead if your cart is full.  It’s also good not to yell at someone or address a problem in public if you’re mad at someone.  Wait for a time when you can express what you feel, and if you’re somewhere where you can’t get it off your chest, the best thing to do would be, while you’re there, try to keep a nice smile on your face.  When you come to a group to say hi to someone in particular, say hi also to everyone around, even if you don’t know them.  This is an infallible rule to making new relationships.  You can find several situations in your life to be friendly.  It’s all a question of having a loving attitude towards people, as if they were yourself, and to never do something to someone else, that you wouldn’t like for them to do to you.

2. Your presence:  The power of your presence comes from how you think and act, and even how you look.  You don’t have to beat yourself up over how you look, nor do you have to search for what’s in style.  Feeling comfortable with how you are is enough, because if you aren’t at ease with your clothes and accessories, people will notice it immediately.  The most important thing is that how you dress always reflects the respect that you have for yourself, and that it coincides with who you are.  Most importantly, your personal hygiene -something that’s never out of sight – speaks of lots of hidden personal habits about yourself, even if you don’t notice them, or think they’re not important.

3. Honesty: To say what you think doesn’t have to be dramatic, or anywhere near it.  Deep down, everyone likes to be told exactly how things are.  And if you talk circles around something, or hide things, it will show that you’re insecure, and then you’ll have to work on your own security and confidence in yourself.

4. Confidence in yourself: Self-confidence is one of the bases that human beings take the longest time to develop.  But this is undoubtedly the secret key to a charismatic person.  To trust in yourself implies that you believe in yourself, not just because, but because in life you dare to try new things and to learn from the experiences you live.  To be confident in yourself you must begin to dare to be yourself, to say what you think, and stop criticizing yourself, punishing yourself, or feeling guilty when things don’t happen in life like you had thought they would.  If you frequently criticize yourself, it will be hard for you to dare to be who you want to be.  So, from here on out, start by taking a look at everything you say to yourself, and how you treat yourself, and begin to be your own best friend.

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