Facial Gymnastic Exercises to prevent and Unblock Tension

These types of exercises fo Facial Gymnastic help us become aware of our bodies and how tension affects us.  For even greater relaxation, take a few deep breaths, feeling how the air enters and cleans your body, and revitalizes each cell.  Then feel how this leaves the body, and think about how you’re eliminating toxins.

Facial Gymnastic Exercises to prevent and Unblock TensionThe face is an area that sometimes can’t relax at night, because the subconscious mind is working.  You could be clenching your teeth or scrunching your brow while sleeping.

These tension-relaxation exercises operate with quick movements for several minutes, combined with rest, which helps remedy a lot of the tensions that accumulate in the body and face.

Tension/relaxation exercise for the face

We’re going to do a simple exercise to prove how you feel when you’re tense, and the difference when you’re relaxed.

Wrinkle your forehead, creating tensions by raising your eyebrows up as high as possible, then hold for a few moments.  Can you feel the tension?  Then release and relax.  Concentrate on this relaxation.

Concentrate on your eyes, clenching them and tightly closing them…then release and relax.

Breathe in and tense your eyes, closing them tightly while wrinkling your brow.  Hold for 25 seconds.  Then suddenly release with your exhale, and feel the relaxation in the area now that you’re not creating pressure.

Squeeze your lips together and pull your teeth back.  Feel the tension throughout the entire lower part of your face and your jaw…then release and relax.

You could also try creating tension in the mouth and neck.  Breathe in and squeeze your mouth and teeth tightly, hold for 15 seconds and release on the exhale.  What difference can you feel?

You may have noticed that the tension in your mouth even affects your neck.

Tense your neck by tightly pressing your head against a chair or a wall, then push your chin downwards toward your chest.  Release and relax. 

You must concentrate on the sense of relaxation that this creates, once you have relaxed your muscles.  Release all the tension that was accumulated in your muscles, releasing your muscles, making them flexible and relaxed.

What did you think?……I’m excited for your comments!

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