Reiki: symbols, reality, energy

Through the different modules of reiki, we acquire different symbols which we can call our tools.

These symbols have the distinctive feature of not working unless they are first places and activated in our pineal gland by a Teacher.  They are what give us the possibility of directing the primordial energy with which we are working.

chakra energyIf you were to ask a doctor about the pineal gland, they would tell you, as a general rule, that it is a gland found at the base of our brains, that really doesn’t have any purpose, as it is already calcified.  You would also unfortunately hear a few doctors say that they don’t know what you’re talking about…this doesn’t mean that they aren’t an excellent professional…it’s just that for a doctor, it lacks any sort of use, and is then lost in oblivion.

The pineal gland, however, conserves a crystallized structure in its center that is what’s called “our crystal” in Reiki, and it is what allows us to connect with the source.  It is our antenna.

In unfortunate occasions, whereby a few people have had their pineal glands removed, they have died (without exception…no matter how successful the surgical intervention had been.  There is no Cartesian explanation for this fact, but there is one from Reiki: without this “antenna”, we are not capable of surviving.

Reiki symbols are set up on the pineal gland to initially tune in, and in a later course, you are taught how to work on this new wavelength to be able to hear the new music.  The symbols that are placed and activated begin, in that moment, to have a surprising usefulness.

On the first level, the majority of teachers do not offer symbols to their students, but some (which I myself belong to) offer the first symbol, which is (along with being a switch) a strengthener of primordial energy.  This guarantees them a greater channeling from their first day of initiation, and it provides those that are initiated with a series of very useful tools for daily life.

What would you tell me if I were to tell you that you were capable of changing a discussion just by activating a symbol between your conversational partner and yourself?

Well, it’s possible.

And this is just one of the possibilities that symbols offer in reiki: concentrating energy in one point, with a specific objective, and a certain energy.

In the following levels, initiated members receive diverse symbols that allow them to work in the mental/emotional plane, and the temporal/spacial plane.  A lot of students are surprised when they prove, during the practices, that the impressions that reiki sends over a distance to a partner, coincide with those of the receiving partner.  

And soon a universe opens just before their eyes, because in a very simple and pleasant way, they begin to understand that reality is flexible.  And they have the tools to make it how they wish.

A reality to their dimensions.

So, do you dare to live in a world of your measurements?



Pilar Rodriguez-Castillos

Reiki Master federate N. 1021

Consult: 913 555 210

Emergencies: 686 802 413

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