Red skin moles

Red moles are small marks the size of a pinhead and are a bright scarlet color.  They are more common in men than women, and could appear suddenly or you could have had them on your skin from birth.  Generally they appear on the back of the neck and the thorax, and in rare occasions, on the face.  The truth is, they aren’t dangerous; they are even normal to a certain degree.  They are the result of a grouping of pigmented cells called melanocytes.  They are known as small vascular tubercles and are benign or inoffensive, especially if they appear on white skin on adult males.

Yin-YangSometimes these red moles have been viewed as a beauty icon in certain actresses.  Yet, some people do consider them to be anti-aesthetic or unpleasant, and a lot of people chose to remove them.  The scientific name for these moles is Nevus Rubi, Angiomas or cherry Nevus.  As said before, they are not dangerous, but if they suddenly appear on the thorax, or if they grow larger or change in color or texture, this could be a sign of some sort of disorder or bodily change, such as the following.

Causes of red moles:

  • They could be a symptom of liver disorders or imbalances.
  • From aging or during adult age.
  • They commonly appear during pregnancy, even though they usually disappear when the woman gives birth.
  • They could warn of skin problems, sun exposure without sunscreen, or poorly hydrated skin.
  • A deficient and careless diet combined with poorly functioning intestines and liver.
  • Anxiety and depression could predispose the appearance of red moles.


The truth is there is no reason to seek treatment because they do not present any sort of health problem.  However, they should be seen by a specialist is they change color, size or texture.  In this case you should begin treatment with a diet whereby you eliminate refined or junk products and increase your consumption of vitamins C, A and E.

Red moles that suddenly appear in groups

When a lot of moles appear suddenly the primary thing to do is to cure the intestines and help the liver become strong.

It is important that you include in your diet at least two liters of fresh water, fresh vegetables in salads or juices, preferably carrots, aloe, prickly pear, artichoke, and celery, combined.  You should also include supplements in your diet, like seaweed, pollen, and amaranth, and avoid the aforementioned products as well as fried and packaged food, and only eat animal meat once a week.  Milk and cheeses should be avoided as much as possible and it’s best to include vegetable milks.  Drink horsetail and dandelion infusions 20 minutes after eating.  Start your day by drinking one glass of warm water with one squeezed lemon, before breakfast.

Applying creams and ointments doesn’t truly serve any purpose because this is primarily due to internal causes.  Do not hesitate to consult a specialist if they grow bigger or quickly change shape or color.

Non-aesthetic red moles

If, from an aesthetic point of view, your moles bother you, you could treat them by using electrosurgery or electroacupuncture.  This treatment consists of applying a small electrical point to the mole, so as to burn it.  You can also have them removed surgically or with laser, or you could mask them with makeup.

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