Appendicitis: post-operation teas, herbs and juices

The appendix is the last part of the large intestine, which is a small finger-shaped segment or small sack close to the point at which the small intestine begins.  The appendix has different functions, mostly immune related.  It isn’t considered to be an essential organ, although we should point out that it is an important part in harmony and good body function.
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When the appendix becomes inflamed, one suffers from what is known as appendicitis.  The causes of this condition are associated with poor diet combined with strong and constant tensions, or an irritable or anxious character.

General symptoms

Whenever someone suffers from appendicitis, a lot of times it is decided to operate because if this condition is not treated in time it could cause severe damage.  The appendix could rupture and spill intestinal contents that are loaded with toxic and harmful substances, as well as harmful bacteria, to the interior of the abdomen.  If this happens, it will cause peritonitis which could cause a strong infection and even death.  You could also develop an abscess or a blood infection, which is a lethal state known as septicemia.  If you are a woman, the infection could reach your ovaries or Fallopian tubes which could cause infertility.

How should I take care of myself after operation?

Once you have been operated on for appendicitis, it is very important that you follow certain measures of care.  Diet is the most important, removing everything that is refined, junk food, fried food, cow’s milk and it byproducts.  Also avoid condiments, coffee, chocolate, grains, raw vegetables, as well as beans, broccoli, cucumber and lettuce.

Something very important:

Making more meals a day with less food.  Do not mix a lot of foods at the same time.  It’s best to follow a diet based on steamed vegetables and, most of all, juices and special infusions that will help you recover more quickly.

Here we are going to give you a list of juices and infusions so you can recover quickly and prevent the scar from staying.  Consider that teas should be drank 20 minutes after having eaten.  Don’t sweeten them with anything and try to drink them when they are recently prepared.

In order to prepare an infusion like those mentioned below, all you need to do is mix one teaspoon of the herb with a glass and a half of fresh water.  Boil the water and then add the herb.  Let boil for 5 minutes.  Turn off the heat and let set until warm.  Strain and drink.

  • Chamomile infusion: Drink 20 minutes after having eaten.
  • Jasmine infusion: perfect for mornings, 20 minutes after breakfast.
  • Horse tail infusion: this will help heal the wound.  Drink one small cup of tea.
  • Centella asiatica infusion: an excellent remedy for healing wounds.
  • Plantain and boldo infusion: helps with successful recovery.

FRESH APPLE JUICE: drink before going to bed, on an empty stomach, and don’t eat anything else.  Prepare it by peeling two apples and extracting the juices with an extractor.

FRESH PAPAYA JUICE: drink before breakfast.  This juice is excellent for healing, reducing inflammation and keeping wounds clean and disinfected.

FRESH GRAPE JUICE: helps quickly regenerate tissues due to the fact that grapes are a potent antioxidant.  Drink it without combining with any other foods and on an empty stomach.

SWEET ORANGE JUICE: because of its high vitamin C content, orange is one of the best remedies for cleansing, healing, reducing inflammation and healing wounds.  Drink one small glass before breakfast.  The secret for best using this juice is to drink it slowly.  Salivate well with each sip and never mix it with other foods.  Drink it on an empty stomach and wait 20 minutes before eating anything else.

ALOE PULP: to be rubbed on the would to help heal the area.

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