Fight wrinkles naturally

Thanks to the fact that nature gives us innumerable ingredients full of benefits and properties for health and beauty, and because human being have little by little learned to use them and combine them intelligently and to their benefit, it makes it possible to shine with healthy and young skin, free of expression lines, for a very long time.

Face cream womanIf you want to prevent your face from wrinkling easily, or if you want to give new life and youth to your skin, diminishing wrinkles, tiredness, opacity and flaccidity, do not hesitate to follow the following tips.  They will help you give youth and firmness to your skin.

We have chosen the best natural ingredients for beauty, and a very practical, homemade, and efficient way you can use them.

OATMEAL: be it fine, processed, or milled, it is an excellent natural exfoliant that provides firmness to the face.  To apply, just place a bit of oats on your hand, barely moistening, and apply with soft circular massages to your forehead, nose, nostrils, cheeks, and chin.  Rub your neck and shoulders if you like.  Moisten the oats as necessary.  Then, wash with cold mineral water or take a bath.  Oatmeal exfoliation will help remove dead cells that have accumulated on the surface of the skin.  This will allow your skin to regenerate and tone itself, helping to diminish wrinkles.  You will be surprised at how good your skin will look.  You can use this treatment one or two times a week, maximum.

HONEY: this golden wonder that bees give us provides regenerative properties, which help firm the skin and prevent and diminish wrinkles.  It also helps fight dry skin.  To benefit from honey, apply a mask, mixing 2 Tbsp. of plain yogurt, 3 heaping tablespoons of 100% natural honey.  Apply to the face, neck, shoulders, and back if you like.  Let set for at least 10 minutes.  This will allow it to be absorbed, the yogurt will dry, and the honey will take effect.  Wash the skin well.  You will see how smooth, shiny, and young your skin will look.

CARROTS: if you want to prevent wrinkles or help fight dry, wrinkled, and opaque skin, you should include a glass of fresh carrot juice daily into your diet.  This vegetable is number one at helping nourish the skin, and keeping it firm.  You can also make a mask out of honey and carrots.  To make this mask you need 3 Tbsp. of honey and 4 carrots.  Boil the carrots.  When they are soft, remove from heat, drain water (leave a little to blend with), and add honey.  Mix, until uniform throughout.  Spread the mixture on your face, neck, and shoulders, and let set for 15 to 20 minutes.  Rinse.

ALOE VERA: natural aloe cream has regenerative and nourishing properties for your skin.  Aloe cream goes well after bathing or applying another mask, and will noticeably help remove wrinkles from your face.

SEAWEED: they are truly effective reducers and tensors (anti-wrinkle)  for your skin.There are masks on the market made out of seaweed, although you could make your own masks by grinding 3 Tbsp. of yogurt with spirulina or nori seaweed.

GREEN CLAY: excellent remedy for exfoliating the skin, firming and rejuvenating it.  Get clay in a natural store and dilute it in pumpkin or aloe juice, 100% natural (you can use water if you can’t get the juice).  Softly massage on your skin, rub over your cheeks, nose, chin, etc.  Allow to dry (it takes about 20 minutes, more or less).  Then wash and take a bath.

TEPEZCOHUITE: this is an excellent alternative to fight wrinkles and skin aging, as it has powerful regenerative properties, perfect for dry and sensitive skin.  Tepezcohuite can be found in creams that help nourish, hydrate, and restructure all skin types.  Tepezcohuite helps collagen and elastin formation, activates peripheral micro-circulation, and slows cellular destruction.

ROSE HIPS: this cream is greatly loved by the skin, as it helps to regenerate it, nourish it, and firm it.  Do not hesitate to use it after any of the aforementioned treatments after your daily bath.

CHAMOMILE AND ROSE WATER: if you want to clean your skin at night, chamomile or rose water is a very effective alternative for helping keeping your skin from drying out, and preventing wrinkles.  Chamomile has a lot of emollient and regenerative properties.

Anti-wrinkle psychology

The skin is like a sponge that absorbs a lot of stimulants from what we feel.  The skin reflects our personality and character.  When you feel sad, angry, or depressed, the skin receives those stimulants, and when you are tense or anxious, desperation, or if you’re holding on to disgusts, the skin reacts.  It also reacts when you feel happiness, peace, pleasure, and love.  Wrinkles are frequently accelerated and accentuated with emotions of anger, aggressiveness, violence, and tension.  So frequently revise your emotions, because if you want firm, soft, and young skin, your character should be that way too.

What you should do to prevent wrinkles:

DIET: wrinkles are intimately related to the type of diet you have.  High consumption of fresh vegetables, olive oil, whole grains and seeds, as well as foods rich in antioxidants like avocado, grapes, citrus fruits, seaweed, broccoli, goji berries, blueberries, etc., are frequently potent barriers to skin damage.  A high consumption of animal meat, dairy products, and refined sugar and flour and their byproducts, increase skin damage and premature appearance of wrinkles.

SUN: if you want to prevent wrinkles on your skin, you should take special care with the sun.  Apply sunblock every time you go out in the sun and try to expose yourself before 11 in the morning, and after 4 in the afternoon.

WATER: drink at least 2 and a half liters of water a day to keep the skin very well hydrated and to avoid dryness and the appearance of wrinkles.

FURROWING YOUR BROW: A lot of times we don’t even notice it, but we frequently furrow our brow several times a day.  This doesn’t mean that you need to remove all facial expressions, it just means that you should pay attention to your unnecessary habits, like wrinkling your forehead when you look at someone or watch the TV.

SLEEPING: rest is excellent at repairing the skin.  If you stay up late, your skin will undoubtedly be more likely to wrinkly and become damaged.

YOGA PLANK: standing on your head or laying down on an inclined table helps the skin firm itself thanks to the counter-gravity effect.  Practicing yoga also prevents wrinkles, as it stimulates circulation, emotional balance, and promotes good cellular oxygenation.

What you shouldn’t do if you want to prevent wrinkles:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking excessive alcohol
  • Staying up late
  • Avoid stressing out, as the hormone cortisol (which is raised when you are tense, under pressure, despaired, or anxious) causes wrinkles

Another anti-wrinkle mask


This recipe is excellent for fighting wrinkles.  Boil one potato, and once it is soft, blend.  Place it in a mold with one tablespoon of glycerin and a very little bit of lemon.  Apply the mixture to your face and neck and let set for 30 minutes.  Rinse or take a bath, and then apply a moisturizing cream with rose hips, tepezcohuite, apple, or aloe, if you like, to complement the treatment.


ICE THERAPY: Ice therapy is another excellent alternative for helping reduce wrinkles.  Currently there are gel patches that you can place in the freezer and then later apply to different areas like the face, as well as between the brow, and the area under the eyes.  Ice’s effect consists of activating circulation, toning the muscles and the skin, which recovers a youthful appearance.

FACIAL MASSAGE: facial digitopuncture is an effective remedy for keeping the face muscles firm and toned.  You can also try practicing facial gymnastics, or giving yourself by softly massaging different areas of your face with your ring and middle fingers to help circulation and to tone muscles.

SEA WATER: if you’re going to the beach, do not hesitate to take a plunge in sea water as many times as you like.  Sea water is stupendous for the skin, it has a lot of minerals and oils that are rich for the skin.  Swimming is also one of the best exercises for firming the skin and oxygenating the body.

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