Paranoia: help others or help yourself to overcome Fear, Insecurity, and Mistrust

Do you feel like someone is following you?  Do you feel like someone is going to trick or betray you?  Do you suspect that the people around you want to harm you?  Paranoia is a feeling of mistrust or fear, outside of normal conditions.  This feeling is felt both emotionally as well as physically, and generally progresses if not tended to immediately.

Paranoia: help others or help yourself to overcome Fear, Insecurity, and Mistrust


Paranoid individuals generally feel very insecure and make illogical or absurd decisions or conclusions regarding what is going on around them.  These individuals are mistrusting of their environment and feel like they are constantly being either watched or followed.  They interpret the noises, voices or comments they hear, the faces they see and what goes on around them, as something negative.

These are not common fears, but rather, a paranoid individual completely changes reality to their interpretation that someone could harm them, either the individual himself, or someone they love.

Paranoia can be severe or mild, but at any rate, we recommend following these steps to help heal yourself.  It is important that you know that this condition can be home treated to a certain extent.  An individual could be healthy, not demented, and simply experience episodes of great mistrust or fear.

Home help for paranoia:

Relax: Try to stay clam and hep the individual see things more objectively.  It is important that you yourself do not become altered, and that you project yourself as calm.  Do not deny what the other person is telling you with mistrust.  It is important that you listen to them and then later on, talk to them about trust in oneself and others.  Provide them with literature regarding how to deal with fear, which are always regarding things in the future.  You need to get the individual closer to a deeper spiritual life, to believe more in themselves and to trust in their abilities.  Motivating them to take a class on emotion management is a very good idea.

Are you afraid or mistrusting, and want to help yourself?

Well then, the first step to fulfill everything wonderful in you, is to want to fulfill it.  Whenever you feel mistrusting or angry at someone around you, or when you feel like someone wants to hurt or harm you:

  1. You need to start accepting this condition and not seeing it as bad.  If you don’t trust in others, it might be because you don’t trust in yourself, so the first step is to learn to trust, and to face any potential anger you may be hiding.  Forgive people from your past that you may believe have hurt you, and let go of aggressive feelings that you’re holding on to.  We recommend taking a workshop on emotional awareness to help you learn to be at more peace with yourself.
  2. It seems like there is always repressed feelings of anger towards someone or something in paranoia cases.  A lot of times these feelings are left unnoticed.  It is important that you learn not to expect anything from others, and that you understand that each person is doing what he/she can to be happy.  If someone didn’t behave like you had wanted them to, they simply couldn’t do anything else.  If you start to make your life beautiful and animated, your anger and fear start to disappear.
  3. Whenever you’re afraid or feeling distrustful, take a deep breath, focus on your belly and how it moves up and down with your breathing.  Your breathing will make your mind come to stop, and it will stop whirring with thoughts that don’t get you anywhere.  Then follow step 4.
  4. Make a list of thoughts or affirmations that help you focus on people that attract you or that make you distrustful.
  5. Meditate and practice yoga or tai-chi.
  6. Watch movies that help you work with your fears and that instill confidence in your mind, like the Matrix, After Earth, The Warrior’s Way, etc.  Remember that your mind is a very powerful tool.  If you don’t learn to use it, it will use you.
  7. Avoid surrounding yourself by distrusting friends.  Find happy friends that bring you to life.
  8. In your diet, avoid white sugar and refined flour.  Drink fresh vegetable juices daily, include chia, walnuts, vegetable oils and milks, as well as fish and nuts.  All of these help nourish your nervous system.

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