Dry and Itchy Skin during Winter: How to keep Skin Moisturized and Smooth

Take a break and stop worrying.  Although winter might be dry, cold and windy time of the year when the sun hits the skin at its most direct angle, there are a lot of simple things you can to do keep your skin smooth and healthy.  If the skin on your hands or face is often times dry, or if your skin is itchy because of dryness, look no further.  Follow these tips, and they will undoubtedly help make your skin smooth and healthy once again.

Dry and Itchy Skin during Winter: How to keep Skin Moisturized and SmoothBathing:

You should bathe with warm or even moderately cold water during wintertime.  Avoid extremely hot water, even though you might want to because of the cold.  This dries your skin out too much.  If you’re very opposed to lukewarm or even cold water, just remember, it’s just the start of the bath that feels cold.  Once your body gets used to the water, you will enjoy your bath and it will enormously help your skin to be healthier, more moisturized and nourish.  Moderately warm water aids skin circulation and nourishes and oxygenates the skin better.  Your bath should be short.  Before bathing, brush your skin with a natural fiber brush made especially for skin.  This will make your skin smooth.  Once done bathing, apply a natural aloe or almond or apple cream to your body.


This is another cause of dry skin.  Heat dries out a lot of environments, it’s better to use a warm water vaporizer, or the least amount of heat possible.  It’s best to light a fire if possible.

Moisturizing creams and oils:

Try to use unscented or “refined” creams.  This means you should avoid creams with lanolin, chemical products, or perfumes.  These creams generally dry out the skin, and they generally cost a lot in the store.  Use simpler creams on your skin.  Vaseline is very effective, and so is mineral oil or handmade creams.

Washing your face:

Never wash your face with soap, gel, nor running water because it generally contains a lot of chlorine, which dries the skin out.  It’s better to use bottled water and add a few flakes of oatmeal.  Let the oatmeal steep for a while and then wash your face at night, scrubbing the oatmeal into your skin.  Oatmeal has fantastic natural properties for skin, and it is a very inexpensive and simple home remedy.  It is also often times more effective than a lot of creams sold on the market.  For this remedy, prepare the oatmeal water daily and throw out the waste.  Use half a glass of water and one teaspoon of oats or oat powder, to wash your face with.

To moisten skin:

Use creams with natural coconut oil, cacao butter, apple or aloe creams, as well creams with snail gel.


Beautiful, moisturized skin is due in large part to what you eat.  If your skin is dry, you need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, avoid refined sugar and bread, and increase the amount of fresh vegetables you consume, like carrots, celery, aloe, parsley, broccoli, etc.  You should also consume walnuts, almonds, peanuts, chia, amaranth, cereal bars, etc., frequently.  Cantaloupe and apples are some of the best foods for keeping skin healthy and fresh.


If you are frequently stressed, your skin will be the first thing to feel it.  Try to stay in a good mood and read books or take workshops that will help you focus on more flowing and grandiose ways of life.  One way of fighting stress is to meditate and to exercise.


Avoid staying up at night and sleep as much as you can!  Good rest helps promote healthy and well moisturized skin.


Apply an avocado and olive oil mask once a week, both on your skin as well as your hair.  This will help moisturize your scalp and will improve hair health during winter.  For this mask, use one cup of plain yogurt, add two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and a piece of avocado, along with one egg.  Mix everything well and apply to your face and hair.  Allow to sit for one hour and shower with warm water.  Cantaloupe also makes another excellent mask.

Going out:

Avoid direct sunlight to your face and always use natural moisturizer when you go out.  Don’t forget your bottle of water and take constant sips.  When you get back home, wash your face with oatmeal water and apply moisturizing cream once again.

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