Achieve Voluminous and Soft Lips with Natural options

Voluminous and soft lips are the frame for a dazzling smile which many of us hope to achieve. There are some procedures to give volume to lips which consist of applying fillers, in which substances such as collagen or hyaluronic acid are used, however, large and soft lips can also be achieved with certain natural tips.

Lip Fillers

Currently, there is so much interest in having a fuller mouth that different types of fillings are used as part of the cosmetic surgery process to enlarge and shape our lips.Achieve Voluminous and Soft Lips with Natural options

The use of fillers does not always guarantee optimal results because some of these can create non-uniform bumps, inflammation or an unnatural appearance of our lips, so we recommend you to consult a professional about options and risks before opting for a filler lip surgery.

In most cases these fillers provide lasting results, however it is very difficult to reverse the process once carried out, so you should definitely know about and study both cosmetic techniques and natural options before making a decision. For a more natural result without the need for fillers which can be both dangerous and costly, we suggest a natural option.

Cosmetics for voluminous lips

There are various lipsticks that contain elements such as menthol, caffeine, cayenne pepper and ginger, among others which give a voluminous appearance.

Usually these products are accompanied by a burning sensation that can be very irritating to some people. It should be noted that the effect caused by these products is only temporary.

There are other products of this type which may have a longer effect of up to 48 hours. However, it remains a temporary effect and does not always produce optimal results.

Natural tips to obtain beautiful lips

If your goal is to have more fleshy, soft and colourful lips, here are some tips which you may find useful to follow:

Exfoliate: You’ve probably heard about the benefits of exfoliating the skin before any kind of treatment, but rarely do we pay the same kind of careful attention to our lips. However, they require exactly the same manner of care. Exfoliation may be exactly what your lips need to regain their softness, as it removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood circulation. You can prepare a natural exfoliant with some sugar and honey, mixing the sugar with honey and then applying on the lips, rubbing in gentle circles using your fingers. Finally, rinse with water warm and dry with a clean towel by gently patting them. Later, apply a moisturising balm and try to repeat this treatment once a month or every two weeks: You’ll soon notice a smoother and more radiant appearance.

Exercise them: Stress can make your lips look thinner: Exercise can reduce the effect of stress and can also stimulate blood circulation in them, so it is recommended daily. All you have to do is turn your lips inside your mouth, closing them and pressing them for 10 seconds before relaxing them again. Do 10 repetitions and try to do this exercise 3 times a day.

Another recommended exercise is pursing your lips together and blow air between them to cause a vibration, as children often play. Done once a day for half a minute will make a noticeable difference.

Keep them moisturised: Dry lips can look dull and cracked and often conventional lipsticks only worsen their appearance, especially those with a long duration. It is advisable to use some kind of moisturising balm to keep your lips well hydrated. Some natural options that produce excellent results are: Olive oil, which you can spread over your lips with one of your fingers daily, or cocoa butter which gives an extra special boost of moisture. Try to moisturise in the morning and before bedtime.

Lip Masks: Our lips can look healthy if you occasionally use a home made mask. It is very simple to make: Just apply a little avocado or honey on the lips and leave for 12 to 15 minutes. Later, rinse with warm water and dry by patting with a soft towel. Try to do this twice a week.

Get Informed!

If you want to use fillers on your lips, it can be an effective alternative but it is not always recommended as there are certain risks ranging from allergic reactions to unsatisfying results.

On the other hand, a great technique is to use a bottle or a cap, or some instrument to make a vacuum that sucks our lips and cause inflammation. Experts have said that these methods can even be called “natural” and are just as effective, but are also dangerous because there is a risk of suffering from suffocation.

The important thing before opting for these unconventional methods is to seek an expert’s advice in order to find out the benefits and risks of each individual treatment. Later you will be able to make a more informed decision on which one is the best method for you.

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