Soothe your Calluses and Forget about your Foot Pain

Generally the feet get the least amount of attention and care.  And they are also what end up most damaged at the end of a hectic work day.

Legs walkingHigh heels, tights, or lack of moisturizer can all cause painful, hard calluses to form on the bottom of your toes, behind your toes and/or on the heels.  If you suffer from this condition, pay attention to how to fix it, and take time to think about the care your feet deserve every day.  Throughout the day, they are what holds up your body weight.

How to prevent calluses

Even if you don’t have calluses yet, it’s important that you take certain preventive measures.  Just when you least expect it, they could crop up and become very painful.

You’ll need to you a daily moisturizing cream or a natural product, either olive oil, a mixture with bananas or Vaseline.  This will relieve fatigue while also freshening the feet.

Another option would be to take a look at your shoes, and make sure they are comfortable enough.  Avoid wearing shoes that are too tight or too loose.  If the sole is too hard to too thin this too could cause pain with every step, almost as if you weren’t wearing any shoes.

Get rid of calluses

If you already have calluses or hard patches on your feet, follow these steps:

As soon as you get home from work, soak your feet in warm water for approximately 10 minutes.  This is even more effective if you add essential oils to soften your skin.

Then, using a pumice stone or a file to remove calluses, rub the hard spots, trying to get rid of any hard areas around your toes, the sole of your foot, or around the heel.    When filing, do not create any open wounds.  Do this softly, for about 3 minutes.  Do this every day.  If your calluses on your toes are extremely hard, it is not a good idea to cut it down to the root.  This will seriously damage your skin and your toes.  Simply file them down every day, making sure to be careful.  Slowly, gradually, if you follow this advice, they will wear down to nothing.  You should also focus on your shoes.  Avoid and stop using shoes that squeeze or hurt your feet.  Use comfortable shoes.  A lot of people manage to get rid of calluses through this long process, but then they continue to wear tight shoes and the calluses come back.

Home remedies

In addition to the previously mentioned advice, it’s important that you also follow a treatment plan.  Seeing a podiatrist would be the best option, especially if you’ve had your callus for a long time.  But here, in TheJoyofWellnesss, we’re going to give you a few tips and secrets to naturally fight your calluses.

Onion: Recognized around the world for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, onions are great at helping eliminate calluses and hard spots on skin.  Simply cut an onion in half and rub it on the affected area.  Always do this at night, every day before going to bed.

Garlic: Garlic is also a good remedy against calluses.  Apply the juice to a callus, or crush a clove or garlic and mix it with olive oil.  Cover your toes and other areas with it, then wrap in a bandage or a cloth.  Keep it on overnight while sleeping, then rinse as soon as you get up in the morning.

Nettle: In order to use nettle, you need to collect the stalks and the flowers.  Wash them well, then blend in a blender.  Apply the juice to your calluses three times a day.

Marigold: You can do the same with marigolds.  Crush or blend the flower, then apply to your calluses before bed.  Cover with a wrap until the following day.

Fig: Figs are great at reducing inflammation while also freshening and alleviating the feet.  Cut a fig in half and remove the pulp.  Apply to your calluses before going to bed every night.  Then cover wit ha bandage and let set until the following day.  To remove, soak your feet in warm to hot water and file down with a pumice stone.  Do this daily.

Sodium bicarbonate: Before applying the sodium bicarbonate, soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes.  Then apply a paste made with sodium bicarbonate and a bit of water.  Let set for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water and file.

Chamomile: Soak your feet in a chamomile infusion, made from four Tbsp. of chamomile in one liter of water.  This not only softens your calluses, it alleviates pain and fatigue in the feet.

Healthy skin

In order to keep your feet beautiful, relaxed and fresh, follow these recommendations:

Massage your feet: Spoil your feet, give yourself time to get home and before leaving for work to apply a cream and give yourself a gentle massage from the heel to the toes.

Walk barefoot: With so much walking in shoes, our feet get tired too.  That’s why it’s a good idea to dedicate a few moments to walking barefoot.  Do this exercise at the beach or in the yard, or walk barefoot around the house.

Socks: You should use baggy socks that don’t fit too tightly.  Remember, this harms circulation.  Choose socks made of cotton or wool, that don’t hurt your feet.

Exercise: You should be consistent with your exercise and it should bring relaxation and improved circulation in your feet.  Raise your feet and ankles up and down for 5 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day.   You could also keep them propped up on the wall in your bedroom for 5 or 10 minutes.

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