How to make Aromatic Candles

Aromatic candles are a symbol of renovations, of what ends and begins, of light and illumination, and of purification.  They are one of the essential decorating elements for those who like mystical, magical, meditative, or romantic environments.  Candles inspire creativity and help inspire the spirit.  They raise moods and help connect the mind with deep states of concentration.  The history of candles is a passionate one.  Few people can imagine that something so run of the mill has had such an important role in so many cultures.

How to make Aromatic CandlesCandles are currently produced with very diverse materials, and there are several styles, colors, and aromas.  We can find them very easily in nearly any establishment where gifts or decorating articles are sold, however, if you want to make your own candles, we’ll give you a few simple steps regarding how to make the aromatic candles according to your own taste.

What you need for making Aromatic Candles:

  • Wax or refined paraffin (the amount according to what kinds of candles you are going to make)
  • Coloring of choice
  • Aromatic essence: you should try to get quality ones, because if not the smell could be more annoying than inspiring.  You can find them in natural stores.  The aroma you choose depends on the sensation you want to create with your candles.  There are citric, woody, forest, sweet, spicy, romantic, mystical, etc., aromas.  The best ones for Christmas time are pine, ceder, cinnamon, and musky and woody aromas.
  • A mold
  • A pot
  • Supporting stick
  • Wick

How are aromatic candles made?

1. The first thing to do is to heat the wax until it melts.  The best thing to do is to melt it in a double boiler and constantly stir with a wooden spatula.  You can also use a melting bag, place the wax or paraffin, and close it well.  Then, submerge in in hot water until it turns liquid.

2. When it has turned liquid, add the essence drops that you have selected.  You should do this when the was is a bit colder, because if not, the heat will evaporate the smell quickly.  Also add coloring of your choice.

3.  Then slowly add pour it in the mold, letting the wax fall in the middle. The mold should be previously greased with a napkin or dish cloth and cooking oil, along with the wick.

4. To set the wick, tie one end of the wax wick to the supporting stick, at the nostril of the stick, and then push the other end through the mold’s hole.  Set the wick with a mold sealant, and cut remaining wick.

5. In order to fill the base of the candle, you must keep part of the wax from the double boiler.

6. While the candle is cooling, you need to lightly hit the walls of the mold, with a pencil or a pen, to remove air bubbles.

7. With a small stick, poke a hole in the center of the candle and fill the hole with the remained wax.

8. After about 5 hours the candle will be sufficiently cooled, and you can remove the sealant from the mold.

9. To remove the mold, turn it over and it will easily come out.  If not, give a slight tug to the stick.

10. If the candle is lined or has imperfections, you can hide them by rubbing them with a nylon moistened in alcohol.

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