How to care for your Scalp: Natural remedies

Healthy, strong, and beautiful hair depends on a healthy scalp.  Dryness, filth, excessive oil, and other conditions cause the majority of hair problems, like thinning, dryness, dandruff, hair loss, etc.  So stop thinking about it.  If you really want truly beautiful hair, using a good shampoo isn’t enough.  You must give your hair a little bit more, and attack any problem from the root.
How to care for your Scalp

Natural remedies for a healthy scalp


The first thing is cleanliness, because even though you might not notice it, your scalp holds on to a lot of dirt and impurities.  A lot of these end up blocking the hair pores over time, blocking the follicle from receiving nutrients.  This suffocates the hair, and makes it fall out or look weak and/or brittle.  However, scalp and hair cleanliness should be balanced, as washing too much or too frequently is not advisable.  It is best to wash it every three days, which will allow the scalp to completely dry out, and the hair will then be able to produce its own natural oils.  So: when you wash your hair, you should do this while giving your scalp a nice massage, and use natural shampoo appropriate for your skin type.  Avoid at all costs irritating shampoos, or those that dry out your scalp.  Always opt for natural shampoos, jojoba, honey, wheat germ, tepezcohuite, cacahuananche, oatmeal, and avocado are all very good.


Massage it every day with your fingertips.  This will promote not only good oxygen and nutrient circulation to your hair, but it will also eliminate dirt and other adhesions to the hair or scalp.  The massage should be in a circular motion, squeezing the scalp with the fingertips and making small circles.  You should do this massage with your head bent forward in order to accentuate these benefits.


Masks to nourish the scalp’s special skin should not be left out of your beauty routine.  Apply a plain yogurt mask every week with 100% pure honey.  This revitalizes cells, is antiseptic, and regenerative.  Apply abundantly to the scalp and then gently brush so as to spread the remaining portion throughout your hair.  If you have a dry scalp, you can substitute the honey for aloe gel or puree, which is excellent at hydrating the skin.  Remember that your scalp also sheds skin, so you should nourish it like the rest of your skin.


You should try to eat very well, because your scalp, by being part of your skin, is greatly affected when it lacks nutrients.  It is important that you frequently include, fish, seaweed, fresh vegetable juices, especially with carrots, alfalfa, and celery, in your diet, along with walnuts, almonds, and vegetable oils and milks.

Dandruff and Psoriasis

This generally attacks above and behind the ears and and ear lobes, the neck, the foreheads, and the hair line.  Dandruff comes around when there is an excess of dead cells.  This problem can be treated with a good herbal medicine shampoo.  However, in terms of psoriasis of the scalp, the white flakes are larger and more visible, and there is generally inflammation of the scalp.  To combat this condition, do not brush your hair too forcefully or too frequently in order to remove the flakes, because this only makes the problem worse.  It is also not advisable to scratch or pull at them.  The best thing to do is to wash and dry your scalp and hair very gently, or handle the flakes.  Do not use a dryer or tweezers, or products like mousse and gel.  Apply a mask to nourish your hair and observe whether you are under a stressful situation, or constant irritation.  Anxiety and pressure cause and accentuate this condition.  Whenever your hair is dry, use a brush with natural bristles.  Do not put your hair up if it is wet, or use kerchiefs or hairstyles that wrap your hair up tightly.  Try not to bathe at night because this dries out your hair and makes the problem worse.  Let it air dry.  If your hair falls out, don’t worry, as soon as this problem is over, your hair will regrow.  It is important that you use a medicinal shampoo and proper treatment, as natural as possible.  Do not perm or use hair dies at this moment.

Natural remedies to fight psoriasis of the scalp

Take sea water baths and sunbathe.  Sea water helps balance scalp oils and to heal damaged skin.  You can also apply garlic oil or compresses to the affected areas, or massage the scalp with aloe puree.  Arnica oil mixed with olive oil and a few drops of lemon is also an effective remedy.  Slightly heat this, and then apply to the affected area.

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