Glaucoma: Causes and Natural Treatment

Glaucoma (also known as ocular tension) appears because of a series of deficiencies in the eye that cause intraocular pressure due to a lack of ocular liquid drainage.  This produces lesions in the optic nerve and a series of symptoms that, if not treated, could cause blindness.Glaucoma: Causes and Natural Treatment

How does glaucoma happen?

There is an ocular liquid that feeds the eye and which keeps it healthy and lubricated.  Once this liquid circulates and bathes the eye, this ocular water is emptied through a drain in the front area of the eye.  With glaucoma, this drain in the eye becomes blocked and eye pressure increases.

If not tended to in time, it could lead to blindness because of the progressive deterioration in the field of vision.

How does eye pressure cause damage?

Because pressure destroys nerve cells in the eye, leading to a loss of vision.  Several types of glaucoma are currently recognized, each one with different origins and evolutions.  The principal types of glaucoma are:

  • Open angle glaucoma: in this case, the watery liquid that flows through the pupil towards the anterior chamber cannot make it, which generates an increase in intraocular tension and a lesion in the optic nerve.
  • Closed angle glaucoma: in this case, the liquid passage way between the iris and the cornea closes, which produces a rapid increase in tension.  This must be urgently tended to because of the immediate optic nerve damage.

General symptoms:

This conditions is distinguishable because in the majority of cases, there are no symptoms, especially in the first few stages of the disease.  If you do have symptoms, they could be:

  • Defects in the field of vision and loss of vision (the appearance of these symptoms could indicate that the disease is already fairly advanced).
  • At the beginning one could experience blind spots in periphery or lateral vision, but if glaucoma is left untreated, central vision could also be affected.
  • Eye pain is not common in open glaucoma, but it is frequent in acute glaucoma (closed angle glaucoma), which can cause intense symptoms from the very beginning, like nausea, vomiting, lights or sparks in the shape of a rainbow, and discomforts or pain in the eyes.
  • Although not common, individuals can experience acute attacks that are short lived, whereby the eye becomes red with extremely strong pain.

Causes of glaucoma:

  • Primarily, high intraocular pressure (although there is no precise correlation with glaucoma and intraocular pressure).
  • Dietary deficiencies: as with all conditions, a deficient and careless diet could cause an endless series of illnesses, among which, could be glaucoma.
  • Mental-emotional causes: lack of willpower to understand experiences and to learn from them rather than judging them, holding on to them, and seeing them as offensive.  This makes us look at them in a very hard and resentful fashion.  Repressed offenses, the lack of willingness to grow from what has caused you pain, as well as feeling very weighed down could cause severe tension in the body which could accumulate in the eye and weaken it, causing an individual to suffer from glaucoma.
  • People who are elderly, have African American roots, family members with glaucoma, have diabetes, hypertension, myopathy, or high blood pressure in their eyes are more prone to suffering from glaucoma.

Glaucoma diagnosis: because it does not show any symptoms in its first stages, in order to know if someone has glaucoma, they must undergo an ophthalmologist’s exam that measures eye pressure.

Natural treatments for preventing and curing glaucoma:

All treatments should be focused on reducing eye pressure.  Conventional medicine treats this condition with laser surgery, pills, and other types of methods.  However, you must always keep in mind that the body can cure itself because it possesses an extraordinary self-healing ability.  We can collaborate to help this capacity flow through the body if we give the body what it needs and if we eliminate whatever was blocking its self-healing ability.

If you are using medication to cure yourself, the body becomes used to them and the body’s immune system becomes lazy.  You must always do without external chemical methods, if possible.

A natural guide for preventing and curing glaucoma

  • Healing diet against glaucoma: the first thing to do is to support the body with a diet rich in fresh vegetables, antioxidants and vitamins C and A.  It is always recommendable to follow a deep cleanse diet for two or three days to help the body remove toxins and waste substances that only obstruct normal body functions.  A cleansing diet for adults could consist of eating one type of fruit for two or three days with two liters of fresh water.  Excellent cleansing fruits are: grapes, oranges, papaya, pineapple, and strawberries.  You should choose just one fruit and continue to eat that fruit as much as you like for two or three days.  After those days, you should introduce vegetable soups, whole grain rice, miso, seeds, vegetable oils and salads, a little at a time.  You should avoid eating sugars and refined flours, as well as cow’s milk and its derivatives.
  • Foods that should not be lacking in your diet: fresh carrots, alfalfa, citrus juices before breakfast, yellow fruits and vegetables, vegetable oils and milks.  Whenever you can, eat blueberries and drink enough water, at least two liters.
  • Supplements for helping recover ocular health: spirulina seaweed, liquid chlorophyll, shark cartilage, and vegetable oils.
  • Acupuncture, reflexology, and energetic therapies can help release tension from the eye and can reduce the pressure there.
  • Rest: you should always give your eyes breaks throughout the day to observe things that you like or that are pleasant to you.  Even though you may not believe it, what we like relaxes the eye and causes energy to circulate vigorously.
  • Take a look to make sure you are not repressing anger or refusing to forgive someone.  These feelings cause too much tension inside and even though you may not realize it, they waste your eyes, along with other things.
  • Practice meditation because this can help you to relax, and can put your emotions at peace.

If you focus strongly on new dietary and mental habits, you will be invoking the body’s self-healing abilities and deep healing.

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