Blurry or Cloudy Vision: Causes and Natural Treatment

Did you know that there are thousands of things that could cause blurry vision, or that could make it difficult to see?  You have to also consider the other symptoms that accompany your blurry vision, like headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, etc.  Blurry vision affects a large amount of people.  If objects appear blurry to you, you can’t distinguish other people’s faces well, and you find it difficult or end up straining when trying to read either close or far away, or seeing details, then continue reading this article.

Blurry or Cloudy Vision: Causes and Natural TreatmentBlurry vision is caused primarily by vision problems, like myopathy, astigmatism, glaucoma, tired eyes, etc., but poor vision can also affect people with diabetes, hypertension, headaches, brain problems, etc.  You must tend to the source causing your blurry vision, and consider the following tips to improve your sight and heal from the root of the problem.  Blurry vision can be cured, so don’t give in to glasses.  The body has a power to heal itself, which can be used to heal your vision if you want to.

Recommendations for healing blurry vision:

  • Reduce tension: excessive worry and nervousness, or constant tension, is one of vision’s worst enemies.  Tension wears on the entire body, and the eyes one of the most sensitive organs to tension.  There are lots of ways to reduce tension, especially ocular tension.  One way include the exercises we’re going to describe below, but another way it to learn to see life with more understanding, more clarity, so that your eyes can relax and your vision can improve.  Work on your fears and anger.
  • Tension causes optical muscles to slowly wear down vision.  In this case, we recommend a few exercises to start to recover your eye sight.  A good exercise is to place your index finger in front of your face, and move it farther away, while watching it.  Repeat this 10 times.  Do this slowly, and relax your sight while looking at your finger.  Once your finish this exercise, move your finger as far away as you can, move it to the left and then the right slowly, and follow it with your eyes while keeping your head stationary.  Repeat 10 times.  This will help relax your eyes.  it is very important that you do this exercise while not in a hurry.  Enjoy the way your eyes move.
  • Look at objects far away, and try to observe their outline, slowly.  One problem with blurry sight is that we’re used to looking at things quickly, skimming over the details.  This metaphor exemplifies how we pass through life quickly, without stopping on the details, like emotions or important sensations.  Moving through an experience quickly is to avoid seeing it deeply, which is related to superficial or blurry vision.
  • Drink enough water, at least two liters a day.  Water helps keep the body cleansed of toxins and mobilizes harmful substances that accumulate in and damage the body, like the liver, for example.
  • The liver is relate to sight.  If you have very blurry or cloudy vision, or if you want to increase the clarity of your vision, we recommend drinking boldo tea every day and following a cleansing diet for the liver, based on semi-cooked or steamed vegetables, and whole grain rice.  Eat this diet for a while, avoiding harmful fats, red meat, and cow’s milk.
  • Increase your vitamin A and C consumption, which are in carrots, broccoli, citrus fruits, papaya, etc.  We all know that these vitamins help healthy vision.
  • When watching the TV or working at a screen, avoid getting too close to the screen, and use protective lenses for your sight.
  • Work with your fear: fear is one of the most harmful emotions for the body.  Fear causes a lot of diseases, like diabetes, arthritis, headaches, stomachaches, kidney problems, etc.  If you see life through a lens of fear, your eyes won’t “want” to see certain things in life, which will distort their image, or that of “reality”, making it “cloudy” in your eyes, attempting to mask what you don’t want to see.  All of these messages are formed unconsciously and pass through the body, which are reflected in the eyes.  We recommend reading the book “You can Heal Your Life”, by Louise L. Hay.
  • Focus your sights on pleasant things.  Beauty is the healer of all ills.  Learn to look at beautiful things with peace in your heart, and enjoy what you see.

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