Warts: super effective Remedy for Removing them

If you want to get rid of those warts on your skin and you don’t want surgery or other costly and ineffective remedies, then there’s nothing better than this super effective remedy to make them go away.  Warts are a type of benign tumor that are caused by a virus.  Although they don’t look good – they are dark, small, and wrinkly – they are not cancerous, but a lot of people don’t like the way they look.  The breakouts on the skin could be spread from person to person, and from one part of the body to another.

Warts: super effective Remedy for Removing themWarts generally appear anywhere on the body, although they are most common in the hands, feet, back and chest, and they could also appear both in men and women of all ages.

Wart symptoms appear as a small disruptance in the skin that could start out being very small.  They could grow, although they don’t always do so.  They could be rough and very defined, they could be dark and they usually group around an older, main wart.  Whenever an incision is made on the wart’s surface, you may be able to see small dark spots inside it, or tiny blood spots.  Generally they do not hurt or itch.

Warts are caused by an invasion of the human papiloma virus which causes body cells to grow more quickly.  One could be more susceptible to getting it when their diet lacks vitamins C or A, has excessive junk food consumption, and when a body has too many toxins, the pH in the blood is very acidic or if the individual is very stressed.

So if you want to eradicate warts from your life, you need to combine the remedy mentioned below with a diet rich in vitamins C and A, drink plenty of water throughout the day, eat raw vegetables in juices or salads, and avoid junk food products.  You also need to watch out for stress and not feeling like a very attractive person…Yes!  Even though you may not believe it, not feeling attractive of “good enough” for someone or something could cause a special stress that predisposes individuals to warts.  Once you consider all of this, then apply the following remedy.

Super effective remedy against warts

First you need to avoid touching the wart because this causes it to spread to other areas of the body.  The remedy to remove them consists of colloidal silver, which is generally sold in health food stores.  This liquid comes in a spray bottle, which is much better for this case, so as to avoid touching the wart.  

We recommend bathing the wart in this liquid daily, three time a day.  You should apply it around the wart, but do not touch it.

Once you’ve applied the silver, after an hour or two, gently rub marigold oil or castor oil on the wart.  You should give it these small touches several times a day, at least 15 times.

Anti-wart oil

If you want to (and to simplify the silver application, or the castor oil and marigold leaves), you could mix 20 milliliters of silver in 40 mL of marigold oil with castor oil, mix well and apply at least 25 times a day until the wart disappears.  If you are consistent, you will notice that the wart dries out and quickly disappears.

If you want to help accentuate the results, you should consume one raw clove of garlic a day, every night (so that the smell doesn’t bother you throughout the day) and follow the recommended diet so your body can increase its defenses.

If you want a quicker remedy, we recommend another effective remedy, which involves freezing the area.  This technique is called cryogenic freezing and is very effective.  It doesn’t leave any scars and the wart goes away in just a few sessions.

These remedies can be used both on men and women, and even children or adolescents.

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