Five Tips for Rejuvenating Facial Skin

Would you like to rejuvenate your facial skin?  Does your face look tired, a few years older, in spite of using daily creams?  You might not be using the right cream for your skin type, or you aren’t taking other health precautions, like exfoliation, or using sunscreen.  But even your diet could be full of fats and harmful sugars, which affect the way your face looks. 

Five Tips for Rejuvenating Facial SkinThis article is going to provide a few tips for refreshing your face, making it look lively once again.

Tip 1: Exfoliate your facial skin

The first thing you need to do is exfoliate your face.  It’s best to do this two or three times a week.  If work or daily household chores make this impossible, exfoliate at least once a week.  What does it do?  Well, in addition to removing all of your daily makeup, which isn’t completely washed off with soap and makeup remover, it will gradually refresh and moisturize your skin, which is lost over the years.

It is important that you are aware that after 25 years of age, exfoliation is nearly mandatory, because your pores are becoming more obstructed, and impurities will accumulate.  This will prevent oxygenation because the skin will lose its natural ability to eliminate dead cells.  If you don’t know how to do it, learn by reading advice on how to exfoliate your skin once a week.

Tip 2: Apply moisturizing lotion or cream

After exfoliating your facial skin, you must apply a moisturizing cream or lotion.  This step should be done daily, however, even if you don’t need to exfoliate.  Choose a product that is appropriate for your skin type, if you’re oily, dry or combination.

Tip 3: Was your face every day

Washing and daily hygiene is important for recovering facial skin health.  This is even more true in regards to your face.  Never go to sleep without having removed your makeup, or without washing your face.  If you don’t do this, you’ll only be aging your skin even more.  If you’re going to use a soap, make sure it is glycerin based, or made from natural oils.  Do not use bathroom or daily soap.  Your face has needs different from your body’s needs.  This is a very sensitive area and you could dry it out or abuse it if you don’t choose an appropriate soap.

Tip 4: Apply a mask

Masks help nourish the facial skin, refreshing it and making it more lively.  It’s a good idea to apply a mask once, or even twice a week.  Remember that you need to choose according to your skin type.

Tip 5: Drink a lot of water

In order to have moisturized skin, it’s also important that you drink a lot of water throughout the day; on average, 7 to 8 glasses a day.  This will prevent your face from growing dull, dry and wrinkly at an early age.

Foods that help rejuvenate skin

In addition to these tips, certain foods can help provide firmer, younger skin, which should be included in your daily diet.  The following will help rejuvenate your facial skin:


A lot of specialists agree that this fruit contains the most amount of antioxidants, and thereby is a powerful skin protector.  They help fight aging.  Antioxidants eliminate or remove free radicals which are responsible for facial skin deterioration.

Green vegetables

Vegetables are also great for fresh, lively skin.  Eat one cup of vegetables a day.  You can choose between lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, and more.

Green Tea

This is another drink rich in antioxidants.  Drink one to two cups a day without harming health.


Honey has been recognized since ancient times as an important agent for skin care.  This is because if can accelerate healing or regeneration of would, while also moisturizing.  This is generally recommended for dry skin.


Because of its lactic acid, yogurt is also a great food for yout facial skin.  This compound slows signs of aging, moisturizing skin.


This fruit can be used to heal and reduce signs of skin marks and scars.  This is because of the vitamin C and alphahydroxy acid in it.  It also helps improve skin elasticity and tone.


This is one of the most effective vegetables for skin care.  This is because of its vitamin E content, and natural oils and water.  It can be used to make masks, which will undoubtedly provide a sense of life and freshness to your face.  This is even greater if you’ve spent a lot of time under the sun, and need to reduce skin inflammation.  The same is true if you have acne or some type of burn.

Be consistent

This advice should be part of your daily routine.  This is the only way in which you’ll see results short term.  These do not work if you only do them for a week, and then drop them. Persistence and patience are key for improving the way your facial skin looks.

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