Embryoscope: Most effective and safe Pregnancies

Thanks to today’s science and technology, more and more women have been able to make their dreams of becoming a mother true.  You could even say that it’s nearly impossible in the 21st century for a woman not to be able to conceive.

Embryoscope: Most effective and safe PregnanciesThis is an encouraging panorama, so if you are going through a stressful moment or if you’ve tried several treatments to become pregnant and you still haven’t conceived, then perhaps you and your partner should see a specialist in this revolutionary method, known as Embryoscope.

Video Incubator

What’s that?  An embryoscope is an incubator with a video camera that stays for several days in approximately five embryos, from the moment of fertilization until they are ready to be implanted in the mother.

The most incredible part is that with the filming camera included, one can take however many pictures they like of this process, step by step.  Can you imagine that?  This means that doctors can observe in real time the biological beginnings of your future baby, without needing to change them around or place them in another environment to observe them, which is what frequently happens in other reproductive treatments.


The greatest advantage is that it increases up to 20% probability of pregnancy.  This is because by being able to observe how the embryos are fertilized and divide, the better quality ones with the best prognosis can be chosen for the safest implantation.  With traditional incubators this is not possible.  Likewise, an Embryoscope can detect morphological abnormalities which were previously impossible to predict.

What is seen?

As mentioned in the lines above, this special incubator can clearly assess the rate of cellular division and how the cells are structured.  An embryo can change in just a few minutes.  The photos are taken every 10 or 15 minutes, and all these photos are joined or compressed into one film, which can then be viewed by the parents.  A lot of assisted reproduction clinics turn this material in as a CD.

Who are candidates?

Doctors prefer to give this option to couples that have been trying to be parents for quite some time, to women that suffer from implantation disorders, or to those that have suffered from repetitive miscarriages.

How it begins

First, the future mother is stimulated to achieve more than one ovule on the day of extraction.  Once the ovules are mature, they are extracted.  Then the gametes are joined in the laboratory and the pre-embryos that were created are stored in incubators that simulate the mother’s uterus, thereby starting the embryonic development.

Donor parents

If the parents are incapable of gamete extraction for whatever reason, they could use anonymous donors.  Then the rest of the process that we have already described is enacted.

This technique belongs to a Danish company and has been taken to several countries around the world, so ask about it in your country and in whichever assisted reproduction clinic you prefer.

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