Acupuncture with Light

Have you ever heard about the Acupuncture with Light? More than 5,000 years have had to pass before the needles used in classic acupuncture sustained a surprising transformation and evolution.  Today, the have converted into simple and colorful beams of light.
Acupuncture needles on the back of a beautiful woman

Laser needles

Traditional needles are now slowly being substituted by modern acupuncturists for laser needles.  These latter needles treat the patient not only with the goodness and heat of light, but they also have therapeutic benefits already known to acupuncture, which noticeably strengthens its efficacy.  

Laser needles are a modern discovery, and were derived from deep physical studies searching for a method to stimulate acupuncture points that was neither invasive nor painful, nor scary for some people, especially children and some adult patients.  The German physicist Fritz A. Popp discovered bioluminescence, which is a body’s ability to produce light, and the transmission involved in the neurons by means of “light”.  Our brain and our body contains light, and, although this is something that has always existed in the body, everyday there are more and more scientists interested in this phenomenon that prove and utilize this knowledge for different purposes.


Light is part of the body and of innumerable nerve impulses.  Light creates life and makes it possible.  Guided by this understanding, physicists have developed a method which led them to discover that focused and guided light, with a specific purpose, not only had the benefits of light, but an additional therapeutic benefit as well.  Basically, the biggest difference between traditional needles and the laser is that the latter stimulates nociceptive fibers more at the acupuncture point selected.  During this process, the absorbed photons act as mitochondria and increase enzyme activity and ATP synthase.  With laser needles it is also possible to capture the benefits of colors as well, which had previously been used in other alternative therapies like color therapy (chromotherapy), whereby patients are cured through colors.  The ability to heal, stimulate and benefit certain aspects of the body depends on the frequency and vibration of these colors.  Laser needles use these same color therapy understandings to strengthen the healing effects of traditional acupuncture.

These innovative needles have only recently begun to be used, however they have been very widely accepted and have had successful results in treating: rheumatoid conditions, lumbago, headaches, post-operation pains, acute tension, muscle spasms, etc.  This light therapy could soon begin to be considered for its extremely beneficial and promising therapeutic value.

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