Bach’s 19 remaining Flower Remedies (II)

To finish this introduction to Bach’s flower remedies, these last 9 are part of this system of 38 flower remedies.

Last Bach Flower Remedies

Bach's 19 remaining Flower Remedies1. Walnut

There are moments in life when one must make transcendental decisions that could represent an important personal evolution.  That’s when individuals, on their negative side, realize that they are still holding on to ties to the past, like for example, an already spent affective relationships, an obsolete job, etc.  Large transformation situations cause an increase in stress for them, and internal instability, which could cause them indecision.  Walnut treatment is highly useful during periods of change, like puberty, menopause, break-ups, and even death of loved ones.

2. Chestnut Bud

For individuals that are victims of continual mistakes, and that never learn from them.  This could be because they lived a rushed life, they don’t observe, pay attention or show interest as they should, which prevents then from learning from their mistakes.  In general, due to their lack of observation, they need more time than normal to learn something.

3. Red Chestnut

For individuals that experience excessive worry for the security of others, but not for themselves.  This frequently causes them to live the lives of others, as if it were their own.  these individuals fear that behind any trivial symptom, lies a serious disease, or if someone they are waiting for is late, they experience fear and anxiety by believing that they’ve had some sort of accident.  They always think this about loved ones.

4. White Chestnut

These individuals’ minds, far from controlling situations, seem to be at the mercy of unwanted thoughts, leading them to a sort of mental torture.  They are commonly compared to “scratched discs”.  Consequently, this state creates fatigue, often times depression, insomnia, headaches, attention deficit… The fatigue could be due to feeling accosted by internal dialogue, or having a head full of torturous thoughts that they can’t stop.

5. Holly

These individuals express a lack of love, anger, and lack of understanding.  Strong violent attacks, rage, mistrust, bad moods.  High levels of negative feelings, like mistrust, suspicion, jealousy, egoism, vengeance, etc.  They could love someone and at the same time, hate them for jealousy or rage.  Holly treatment is very effective in any emotional blockage, for fighting negative emotions, like jealousy, anger, envy, resentment, the desire for vengeance, and mistrust.

6. Wild Rose

For individuals who has essentially “thrown in the towel”, even when external situations may not be so desperate or negative’they are resign to everything that happens, without making any effort to change adverse situations.  They manifest clear disinterest in life and for living the moment, and nothing motivates them to leave their resigned and passive attitude aside.

7. Honeysuckle

For individuals that are excessively dependent on the past, which becomes their protagonist and prevents them from connecting with the present.  These individuals generally constantly refer to the past, both in their thoughts as well as in conversation, with a feeling of longing or nostalgia.

8. Star of Bethlehem

For individuals that struggle to keep themselves whole, due to great suffering caused by an emotional state of shock.  This disorients and disorganizes their conscience.  Treatment with Star of Bethlehem is especially recommended for trauma or shock cases.  It balances, tranquilizes, and normalizes.  It prevents psychic or emotional blockages that deteriorate into illness.  They help confront traumatic situations.

9. Mustard

For individuals that are emotionally depressed, in nearly complete desperation.  This arises as a sudden cloud, without any apparent cause to justify it.  The individual feels excluded from normal life and loses interest in it.  This remedy is useful in cases of anguish and despair that has no known cause and which are created by the individuals themselves.

10. Sweet Chestnut

These individuals describe an internal emotional state of torment, with heightened suffering.  This puts them in a very serious, negative emotional state.  If only two words could be used to describe this state, they would be: extreme anxiety.  This is an extreme state of spiritual distress, and the mind and consequently the body, become so exhausted that there appears to be no way out.  They feel as if all were lost.

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