Bach flowers to Rid Oneself of Rage and Hatred

In the Bach Flower system, Holly is the flower which represents universal love, in all its expressions.  Bach understood that love is the greatest healing energy and that’s why Holly holds a central position in the flower system.

Bach flowers to Rid Oneself of Rage and HatredAnytime you find yourself in a negative state, this Love is not being accepted, and therefore the opposite is expressed: denial, hatred, mistrust, jealousy, rage…without a doubt, these are negative emotions that are caused by a LACK OF LOVE.  Hatred and similar emotions are at the base of all difficulties, which is why Bach considered Holly to be the most important in his remedies.

In the negative Holly state, one experiences a struggle against existence.  Hatred causes us to envy our neighbors, to be jealous of their luck, to mistrust their intentions, to misunderstand their motives, and to be afraid of being fooled by others.

“Flowing with love, the hear opens, and we see all men as brothers.  Separated from love, the heart grows hard and one is isolated and separate from all things”. 

Bach flower for heart conditions

Holly is the remedy that helps heart conditions, driving us to find this love and distancing ourselves from feelings of anger, bad moods, aggressiveness towards others, which only bring suffering.  Also used for imbalances in some of the most delicate organic areas: the solar plexus, gallbladder, liver, bladder, pancreas.

This flower restores interior harmony and distances the aforementioned negative emotions.  It provides deep understanding of oneself and others within the complex world of emotions.

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