Yellow Teeth, Nevermore: 9 Natural Remedies

A beautiful smile is synonymous with health, youth and even beauty.  Some people are embarrassed to smile because their teeth are yellow.  There could be a lot of things causing this, like aging, excessive tobacco use, coffee, and even poor dental hygiene, to name a few.

Yellow Teeth, Nevermore: 9 Natural RemediesProfessional teeth whitening could be very costly, and it could be dangerous to use cheap, at-home treatments that could damage tooth enamel, leaving them sensitive and weak.

But not everything has to be expensive.  There are even ingredients that you have in the kitchen that could help whiten your teeth naturally, without the risk of damaging enamel.  This could help you create a beautiful smile.

Natural remedies for not having yellow teeth

Here are a few interesting tips for whitening your teeth.

1.Sodium Bicarbonate:

This is one of the best ingredients for whitening yellow teeth.  It even helps eliminate plaque and makes teeth shinier.  Mix 1/4 tsp. of sodium bicarbonate into a bit of  toothpaste.  Brush your teeth with the mixture, then rinse with warm water.  This should be done once or twice a week.

You can make a whitening mouth rinse by mixing 1/2 Tbsp. sodium bicarbonate with 1/2 tsp. hydrogen peroxide and one cup of cold water.  Use this twice a day.

Another option is to gently rub your teeth with diluted sodium bicarbonate.  You should do this twice in one week, then repeat once every 15 days.

Bicarbonate should be used in moderation.  Excessive use could wear down the teeth’s natural enamel.

2. Orange peel

Orange peels contain both Vitamin C and calcium, and help fight microorganisms, while reducing the yellow discoloration on teeth.

Every night, rub an orange peel on your teeth before going to bed.  If done for a few weeks, you will soon notice results.

3. Strawberries

Strawberries also contain vitamin C, which helps whiten teeth.

Grind a couple of strawberries into a paste and gently rub them on your teeth.  If you do this twice a day for two weeks, your yellow discoloration will disappear.

You could also mix strawberry pulp with 1/2 tsp. sodium bicarbonate.  Apply the mixture to your teeth and let it set for a few minutes.  Then rinse and brush your teeth with toothpaste, as you generally do, to eliminate any residues.

4. Oxygenated water

This discoloring effects helps whiten teeth, leaving them their natural color.  

Make a paste with sodium bicarbonate and oxygenated water, then gently brush your teeth with the paste.  Brush regularly afterwards.

Oxygenated water could cause irritation, so if you have sensitive gums this may not be for you.

5. Lemon

Lemon also has whitening effects and helps remove the yellow discoloration on teeth.

Gargle with lemon juice and clean your teeth with lemon rinds to ensure better results.

You could also mix a few drops of lemon with a bit of salt, and apply the mixture to the stained teeth.  Vigorously rub over your teeth and gums, letting it set for a few minutes, then rinse with water.  If you do this twice a day for two weeks, you will successfully remove any plaque and yellow discoloration.

6. Salt

Salt helps replace lost mineral content to teeth, and helps them look white again.

You can use common salt rather then toothpaste every morning.

Also, mix the salt with charcoal, and follow the same procedure.

If you mix salt with sodium bicarbonate and rub it on your teeth regularly, you will experience very good results.  You also need to take special precautions with salt.  If you have sensitive gums, this could damage them, and if not used moderately, you could likely damage the enamel on your teeth.

7. Basil

Basil leaves not only have whitening properties, but they also protect teeth from other problems, like pyorrhoea, which is a form of advanced periodontal disease.

Place a few purple basil leaves under the sun for a few hours to dry.  Once they are dry, crush them into a powder.  This powder should be mixed with your regular toothpaste, then brush your teeth as normal.

Another option is to make a paste with holy basil leaves and mustard oil, and use it to clean your teeth.

8. Apples

Biting into crunchy apples could be just what you need to brush your teeth, to clean them, and make them whiter.

Try to eat one or two apples a day to remove accumulated stains on your teeth.  Chew them completely well so that the apples acid and fiber have enough time to do their job.

Eating any other kind of crunchy food also works, like raw carrots, cucumber and broccoli.

9. Charcoal

Charcoal is one of the best known, and most widely used home remedies for whitening teeth.  Firewood charcoal is successful  because of its powerful chemical base with crystal, which helps eliminate accumulate filth.

Mix a bit of powdered charcoal with your normal toothpaste and brush your teeth normally twice a day.  If it’s hard to find charcoal, you can also use the ashes from burnt toast or burnt rosemary to get the perfect smile.

In order to avoid yellow teeth, don’t forget…

In order to get that perfect smile you need to practice good oral hygiene.  Floss and brush your teeth at least twice a day.  If this doesn’t work for you, or if your gums bleed or you have some type of reaction, you need to see a dentist so they can evaluate your situation, and treat your problem professionally.

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