Zinc to Cure Skin and Treat Acne

If you have acne, don’t go running to the pharmacy just yet.  The medications sold could lead to marks and other skin problems.  It’s better to explore taking enough zinc, and you might see surprising results.

Zinc to Cure Skin and Treat AcneZinc is on of the basic minerals involved in maintaining skin tissue and keep eyes in optimal conditions.  Practically all skin disorders and conditions noticeably improve with appropriate zinc levels, especially with acne cases.  These cases are considered to be, by many dermatologists, a lack or deficiency of zinc and essential fatty acids.  Zinc helps regulate the body’s fat levels, as well as to absorb nutrients correctly.

About Zinc

Zinc is an indispensable mineral for the body.  It is necessary for maintain health in skin and eyes, as well as for good functioning of the sexual organs.  It has the following properties in the body:

  • Helps regulate sebaceous (oil) gland activity in the body, preventing and curing acne.
  • Necessary for proper protein synthesis.
  • Helps form collagen.
  • Fundamental mineral for maintaining the defense systems in excellent conditions.
  • Collaborates in proper bone formation.
  • Accelerates appropriate healing.
  • Liver protector, insulin constituent, as well as other important enzymes, like the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase.
  • Prevents the formation of free radicals.
  • Take part in proper vitamin E concentration and good vitamin A absorption.  Both vitamins are completely related to skin health.

Symptoms of Zinc deficiency

  • Taste and sense of smell is weakened or lost.
  • Brittle and fragile nails, with white tips.
  • Skin problems like acne
  • Excessive fatigue.
  • Sexual maturity retardation or problems.
  • Hair loss.
  • Frequent cold and flu infections.
  • Increase in bad cholesterol.
  • Deficient healing.
  • Impotence and infertility
  • Prostate problems.

How can I take it to treat skin problems and acne?

The body can lose considerable amounts of this mineral when one has diarrhea or suffers from diabetes, hepatic cirrhosis, anemia, etc.  That’s why one must keep sufficient zinc levels in order to prevent skin or eye deterioration, as well as the aforementioned systems, like the immune system.

It is recommended to take approximately 15mg a day, but you must avoid taking too much as this could be counterproductive.

Foods rich in zinc and approximate zinc content:

  • Pine nut with shell: 100 grams provide 6 mg.  Without shell, 6 mg.
  • Breakfast grains: complete wheat bran provides 6 mg of zinc per 100 mg.
  • Whole-grain crackers: 12 mg of zinc per 100 grams.
  • Lobster: 5 mg per 100 grams.
  • Unsalted sunflower seeds: 5 mg per 100 grams.
  • Soy flour or milk: 4 mg o zinc per 100 grams.
  • Dehydrated Agar seaweed: 5 mg of zinc per 100 grams.
  • Oysters: 22 mg of zinc per 100 grams.  You must consider that their mercury content makes zinc absorption problematic.
  • Wheat germ: 100 grams provides 17 mg of zinc.
  • Veal liver: 100 grams provides 7 mg.
  • Dried fruit
  • Ginger

Correct Zinc absorption

You should consider that zinc is only properly absorbed when a sufficient dose of B group vitamins is present.  The most absorbent forms of zinc are: zinc chelate, picolinate, citrate and gluconate.

Zinc competes with copper and other minerals, like calcium and iron, to be absorbed.  An excess of these minerals could make zinc absorption difficult if taken in large amounts.  That’s why it is recommendable to eat a varied diet and to take supplements with the correct amount of minerals.  You could even take zinc as a medication.

Cure acne with zinc

When starting an appropriate diet, you need to keep in mind that results will not be seen immediately.  That’s why you must be patient, and continue with the diet until you notice that your skin heals and improves.

Zinc citrate or gluconate has been shown to improve acne just as must as tetracycline.  An effective dose for treating acne or some other skin condition is 30-45 mg a day.

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