Warts? Eliminate them Naturally

Warts are dark outbreaks in the skin that are caused by the human papiloma virus, and a frequently contagious.  They present in different shapes and sizes, generally appearing on the hands, and in the plantar area (which are very painful), and in the genital area (which require medical assistance), although they can also sprout up in other areas of the body.  They are spread through direct contact, although they aren’t always contagious.  This usually happens when the person has a weak immune system or has been subjected to long medical treatments, which frequently weaken the immune system.

Warts?  Eliminate them NaturallyThere are a lot of things you can do to eliminate warts, or prevent future contagions.

A few natural remedies for Warts are:

DIET: strengthen the immune system.  A diet that strengthens the body’s defenses is absolutely necessary, which is why you should include foods like garlic, onion, lemon, oranges, seaweed, carrots, and aloe vera, etc., in your diet.  Avoid animal fats, processed and refined products like flours and sugars.  This diet not only strengthens the immune system but also helps the skin stay healthy.

GREEN CLAY: another remedy is to apply clay masks to the skin, once or twice a week.  Green clay is characterized by its purifying and antibacterial effect.  It deeply cleans the skin, as well as nourishing it, because it contains a fair amount of minerals, like silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, as well as others.

CRUSHED GARLIC: rubbing crushed garlic on top of the warts is an ancient home remedy for drying them, preventing them from spreading, and to slowly eliminate them.  Garlic possesses powerful antibacterial and germicidal properties.

ONION POULTICES: placing onion poultices on top of the wart can help dry them out and prevent them from spreading.

TEA TREE OIL: tea tree essential oil possesses a potent antiseptic effect, acts against bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and is also a bactericide, fungicide, antiviral, healing, anti-inflammatory, etc.  All of these properties make it an excellent remedy for fighting warts.  To use it, do not apply the oil directly to the skin.  Add a drop in one tablespoon of almond oil or extra virgin olive oil, and then apply to the skin.  The frequency depends on your skin type.  If it is normal, you could apply up to three times a day, if it is hypersensitive or very dry, you should try this once a day.  Take care not to let the oil come into contact with your eyes.

HOMEOPATHY: this is a very effective alternative against warts.  Thuja is the name of a homeopathic remedy to eliminate them.  You can look for it in homeopathic pharmacies or you could consult a professional homeopath.  You can find it in tincture or cream form, and it is generally applied twice a day.

COLLOIDAL SILVER: a powerful antibiotic, it is said that “there is no virus or bacteria that exists that hasn’t been eliminated with colloidal silver within 6 minutes”.  Colloidal silver causes no harm to either the enzymes nor any other component in the human body.  Also, it does not form toxic compounds within the body, nor does it weaken organ or system functions.  It does not react with anything that is not a oxygen metabolizing enzyme for single-cell germs, which is why it does not cause any rejections or allergies of any kind.  It has healing properties, it is a powerful germicide and eliminates germs.  It is an excellent alternative for treating infectious diseases, as it acts as a potent catalyst.  Its mere presence prevents a large part of the microorganisms causing the infectious diseases from having the option to breathe, and they die, asphyxiated.  You can find the silver in naturopath stores or some pharmacies.  You can apply it directly to the skin, until you begin to see results.

OLIGOTHERAPY: this alternative is based on copper-gold-silver, and can noticeably help eliminate them.

ENERGETIC ACUPUNCTURE (MOXA): moxibustion is an alternative to Chinese medicine, which considers warts to be the result of an excessive imbalance of moisture or coldness in the skin.  Moxa is used to cool or heat acupuncture points, with the purpose of stimulating the body’s energetic and circulatory system.  It is recommended to use moxa for soft and small warts, and it is advisable to use ginger moxa, or rub the area with fresh ginger, and then heating with pure moxa.  This treatment helps make warts disappear after the eighth or tenth session.  Or, perhaps, a few weeks after treatment.  The treatment can be accentuated and accelerated if, before moxing, you apply needles around the affected area.

ENERGETIC THERAPY: which considers emotions as the food for all illnesses or conditions.  In regards to warts, feelings of anger, ugliness, or violence can predispose you to warts.

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