Purify and Positively Charge your Water with your Hands

Human beings possess the ability to charge water (or any other liquid, like juices, teas, drinks, etc.) with positive energy through their hands, and to remove harmful elements from them.  This makes water full of energy that could even be medicinal.

Purify and Positively Charge your Water with your HandsThe healing power of hand has been known since ancient times.  Reiki masters and those that practice energetic healing by hand placement know that the hands can be a very powerful channel for transmitting healing energy.

With the simple act of placing our hands on a water container, be it a glass, a bottle, a jar, etc., no matter the material it’s made of, our hands begin steeping the water with heat and the strength of our energy.

It is well known that water is the most appropriate element for conducting energy.  It can absorb more information and retain an energetic register due to the fact that water contains something called immanent energy, which is pure energy.  This means that it is not contaminated by any energy until it becomes charges with it.  That’s why natural spring water is pure and medicinal, because this water’s energy is charged solely by the power of nature, and the purifying energy of the sun, the Earth, and the wind.

In this way water can become charged with our energy as well.  We can charge water with life and harmonious energy, just by placing our hands on the container, and focusing on thinking beautiful and lovely things about it.  We can even order the water to relieve either a headache or a stomach ache, and the water will become charged with a medicinal energy that could serve as a natural alternative for healing any condition.

How do I charge water with a healing and harmonious energy?

Healers know how to do this very well, and the truth is, it is very simple.  As said before, all you have to do is place your hands on the water container that you’re drinking from, focus on harmonious and healthy thoughts that are full of life, and the water will become charged with energy.  The more you focus, and the greater degree of concentration and effort, the more the water will become charged with these qualities.

Some people claim to sell water that is “charged with healing energy” by having placed it in certain areas that “charge” it.  But don’t be surprised by this, as you yourself can charge your own water, and you don’t need special abilities.  All you need to do is focus for a few minutes on the energy you want to transmit to the water in order to charge it with said frequency.

I have also discovered other ways of charging water: if you think about what you’re drinking as if you were drinking a medicinal liquid or elixir that is full of powers and pure natural energy, you will soon notice that you feel very good after drinking the water.  I have alleviated tiredness, bewilderment, and other discomforts, simply by drinking a glass of water.  What I do is meditate for a few seconds before drinking it, I firmly and confidently decree that what is going to enter into my body is an elixir full of blessings, and this becomes the actual result.

You don’t believe it’s true?

Well, beyond just thinking that blessed water goes through this same process, you will have to practice this, and slowly increase your confidence in the power that’s been in your hands and body since you were born.  You are a being made up not only of cells and bones, but of energy as well.  Your thoughts are powerful, and easily influence your life and what you do.   Developing certain abilities is not a question of believing in them or not, but rather of daring to experiment with them.  As you begin to see the results, your confidence in your own creative abilities will begin to grow.

I have drank water from the streets, from fountains, “un-purified” water, and more, and it has never hurt me.  But of course, with this, and with everything else, you need practice, and belief in that you have the power to do so.

You might not be able to charge very contaminated water, for example, with positive energy at first, but you would be able to eliminate any risky elements that could affect your health.  You might not be able to turn spoiled milk, for example, into a “medicinal” liquid, but you could eliminate the possibility of it making you sick.  So if you’ve ever drank spoiled milk, or any other liquid, do not feel any sort of repulsion.  Bless what you have drank with true intention and focus, and the harmful effects will be destroyed.  This also works for children.  Bless what they eat and drink, and everything that passes through their mouths will be better absorbed.

So do not hesitate to start drinking, from here on out, more magical water.  Every time you drink a glass of water, charge it with as much beautiful and healing energy as you can.

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