Lactose-free Dairy products

There are a lot of people who suffer from lactose intolerance, but that don’t want to give up dairy products.  This intolerance can be either partial, or complete, and can begin during infancy, adolescence, or even in the adult year.  It is due to a reduction or absence of lactase in the digestive tract.  Lactase is an enzyme produced by the small intestine that plays a vital role in our body’s lactose absorption.

Lactose-free Dairy productsThe number of people that suffer from this type of intolerance is actually greater than what it seems.  In fact, a recent study shows that up to 15% of Spanish citizens suffer from lactose intolerance, and suffer from heavy dairy digestion.

Lactose-free Dairy

For all those individuals, dropping dairy products may also seem like foregoing all the vitamins and nutrients contained therein.  To fight this problem, however, new products are now being launched that retain all of milk’s flavor and nutrients, for example “Kaiku’s lactose-free”.

Kaiku’s “lactose-free” has a four-product line-up: skim or partially skimmed milk, the prepared, fermented lactose-free dairy in its Naturally sweetened variety, their Emmental and Gouda cheese varieties, and for chocolate lovers, their new lactose-free chocolate shake.

These products are 100% digestible, because during their production, part of the lactose was eliminated, while the remaining portion was hydrolyzed.  They are also enriched with vitamins, calcium, sodium, and fiber.

If you want to know more about these types of products, feel free to participate in the new Kaiku, Lactose-Free community on Facebook.  There you will find more information, news, and advice regarding lactose intolerance.


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