Influenza: Causes and Natural Remedies

Also known as the swine flu (now called the human influenza), influenza is an infectious disease affecting the air ways, and is said to be highly contagious.  To clarify, however, this infection only affects people, and takes place, when a body presents the proper “environment” to incubate the virus.  This means that if the body lacks certain circumstances, this individual will be completely exempt from contagion, even if they give the ill a kiss, or are close to people who sneeze without covering their mouths.  There will be absolutely no spread of the virus if the body is not apt for it.

Influenza: Causes and Natural RemediesThis means, therefore, that is a body does become infected, all you need to do is change the internal conditions so as to weaken the virus, preventing it from finding a habitable or fertile space in which to grow.  This means changing the body’s internal conditions so as to simply eradicate the virus.  This can be done by following these simple natural remedies, while avoiding pharmaceutical remedies, which attack the symptom, and not the underlying cause.  These natural remedies are also preventive techniques, and will help you eradicate the flu while also strengthening your body and its own powers to heal.

Natural Remedies

1. A cleansing diet: If flies can’t land in a closed mouth, neither viruses nor illness can find their way to a clean and healthy body.  Therefore, if you already have the flu, or want to prevent it, the best thing to do is to immediately begin an internally cleansing diet, avoiding refined and canned foods, animal dairy products, packaged meat, and sweetened products as much as possible.  You must increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables you eat, especially citrus fruits that have a high vitamin C content.  In the mornings before breakfast, you must drink either the juice of two lemons in half a glass of warm water, or a piece of garlic.  This will cleanse your blood.  Drink lots of pure water.  

2. Rest: Stress, excessive work, and little rest – both physical and mental – cause the body to weaken, making it more prone to infections.  So if you already have the flu, take advantage of some time to rest.  If possible, take a break from your work or study areas, but if you can’t do this, you can still rest at work or at school, so long at you do not force yourself too much.  Take things in stride, and do your work at a truly pleasing pace.  Try to take very healthy food, like those described above, along with a bottle of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice.  Add a couple spoonfuls of liquid chlorophyll, which will strengthen your immune system.  Using propolis, honey, or aloe vera juice also helps.  For children, is it recommendable to review their environment, as this could be stressing them as well.

3. Emotional causes: As mentioned earlier, emotional states of heightened stress or tiredness weakens the body’s defenses, but you should also keep in mind that mental suggestion strongly influences how the body responds in certain ways.  Harmonious thoughts that are happy and enthusiastic are powerful messages that animate the body, strengthen all its systems, and optimizes functioning.  This doesn’t have anything to do with “The New Age”.  We have long known about the power that thought has over the body.  It was used by sages and distinguished peoples.  So, if you have the flu (and even if you don’t), try to take this moment to feel just how satisfied you are with your life, and to also feel just how much you’re letting negative thoughts run through your head.

The mind possesses the extraordinary capacity to generate its own healing substances, and it would be hard for any man-made antibiotic to ever reach the potential that our body’s can create.


If you have any of the following symptoms, don’t wait to try these remedies:

  • fever, sore throat, cough, weakness, pains in the muscles, joints, and/or head, cold, general malaise.

Always remember that natural remedies are sometimes a bit slower acting than pharmaceuticals (pills, syrups, injections, etc.), but these are definitely the most effective over time.  By following natural remedies you are giving your body the opportunity to strengthen its own defense system, and to once again become strong and healthy.

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