Fight Acne with Olive Oil

The majority of adolescents suffer from acne and they consider it to be part of the changes that appear during puberty, although it’s not pleasant for anyone…In few words, acne is a skin disorder that manifests with protuberances that include white heads, pimples, cysts, that are caused when the skin’s natural oil and environmental contamination mix with bacteria and dirt, obstructing pores and creating small infections that cause those annoying pimples that we all know.

Fight Acne with Olive OilIt doesn’t matter what you’ve heard, acne does not appear from eating fried food or pizza, being addicted to chocolate or drinking sodas.  Using makeup is also not one of acne’s causes, especially if the makeup label says that it “does not contain oil” or “does not produce ace”.  If your parents had acne during adolescence, it is probable that you will too.  Stress could worsen acne because when you are stressed, your pores could create more sebum.  Fortunately, acne improves in the majority of individuals after 20 years of age.

But don’t worry, there are a lot of treatments that could free you from annoying pimples, be it going to a specialist, purchasing specialized products for acne at the store, or using fail proof home remedies.

Right now I have a remedy that always works when used consistently and when you continue with it daily until achieving the desired results.

If you have olive oil on hand, it is all that you will need to treat acne.  This is a very old remedy and even though it may seem a bit strange to use oil on an oily face, this treatment has been proven favorable for all skin types.  Just make sure the oil you use is organic extra-virgin, cold pressed olive oil.  And don’t forget to read the label and make sure it doesn’t contain additives, so you can use it on any skin type with no problems.

Follow the steps mentioned below and see how it cleans your skin

Every day

Every night, take one tablespoon of olive oil and pour it in a container.  Using clean hands, take a bit of the oil and rub it with your fingers to heat it up a bit.  Afterwards, use circular movements to rub the oil all over your face, avoiding your eyes.  Then take a piece of cloth and submerge it in hot water.  Ring it out to remove excess water and place it on your face for a few minutes.  Then remove the oil with a towel, that you could moisten with hot water so as to remove all the oil.  Lastly, once your skin has completely dried, submerge your fingers in the remaining oil and use it to moisten your skin, making sure it doesn’t feel dried out from the hot water.

Once a week

Take one tablespoon of olive oil and pour it into a bowl along with one tablespoon of sugar.  Mix both ingredients well.  Using clean hands, take a bit of the mixture with your fingers and gently rub around your face, exfoliating your face or the area affected by acne.  Once you have finished, place a clean, dry cloth over the area for five minutes, and then rinse with warm water using a clean cloth or towel.  Finish moisturizing your skin with a bit of oil.

In addition to using the olive oil to fight acne problems, make sure to cook with it and prepare nutritive dishes.  You could use it in salads or fried foods.  Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and eating with it will also help fight fight those annoying acne problems.

Now you have a new, simple and inexpensive what to treat annoying acne.  Try it and share your experiences with us.  All you need are products that are easily found in the house, and you must be very consistent.  You’ll see that in just a short amount of time, your acne will be part of your past.

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