Bach flowers and Patience: an Attitude to develop

Let’s take a look at this situation: someone is getting ready to start treatment with Bach flowers.  They start their treatment, and after 21 days, which is approximately how long a 30 cc dropper bottle lasts, and they feel like they haven’t experienced any changes in the way they feel and process emotions.  What’s going on?
Bach flowers and Patience: an Attitude to develop

Some of the possibilities could be…

  • They haven’t taken the recommended daily doses.
  • They haven’t appropriately understood the new signs.
  • They took the dose incorrectly.
  • They took an inappropriate flower.

There is another possibility I haven’t included, but one which I consider to be fundamental: the lack of patience.  It is important that when starting a treatment, not only do you keep in mind the previously mentioned points, but that you also know that Bach flower treatment is sometimes slow and continual.  In some cases, the results have been quickly effective, but you need to know that patience is necessary.  It also helps connect yourself with interior aspects, accepting your mistakes and being able to fix wrong or harmful actions for yourself.

This implies a compromise with the very treatment.  If not, you would fall into the current dynamic of “I want it all and I want it now”, which we all know is an attitude that creates the current stress lived today.

When taking flower therapy, you need to be guided by a flower consultant regarding the flower system, so they can offer you a space to do your check-ups during treatment, so they can talk to you about Dr. Bach’s philosophy so that you not only take Bach’s flowers, but so that you know their origins and essences.

That’s why when undergoing Bach’s flower treatment, and in life itself, patience is an attitude that must be developed by everyone, which will always carry you to beneficial places (even though it may be a little hard to make the effort).

Until next time!

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