6 secrets for looking young

Would you like to look a few years younger?  Do you feel lifeless or drained of emotion?  Does your skin look tired, dark, or sickly?  Well don’t worry, there are a lot of simple and practical things you can do to rejuvenate your look.  The biggest thing you need to know is the secret to a young look is achieved by revitalizing and purifying the blood.  Tissue and organ health and depends on healthy blood because blood circulates through the entire body, irrigating nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

Beautiful young woman on the sunflowers fieldSo we are going to give you a few simple tips that you can use in your life to achieve a young look.  You will soon see how to surprise everyone if you follow everything, step by step.

1. Include enough iron in your diet:

Iron is essential for forming red blood cells and for oxygenating them.  A lack of iron causes cells to become anemic and thereby deteriorates skin and hair.  You will also feel tired, exhausted, and lifeless.  Women need more iron than men due to their organic needs, like menstruation or pregnancy.  Here we are going to provide you with a list of foods rich in iron: brewer’s yeast, whole-grain flour, green dandelion leaves (steamed), beans, raisins, radishes, prunes, almonds, lentils, grain molasses, and dates.

2. Drink enough fresh water:

Water keeps all tissues hydrated and helps remove waste and unnecessary toxic material from the intestines.  It is important that you avoid all sodas or bottled or processed juices that contain preservatives or chemicals because they only deteriorate the body and acidify blood.  This causes the body to deteriorate and age prematurely.

3. Eat antioxidant foods

Your diet should be based primarily in the most natural antioxidant foods possible, because they fight free radicals and slow and detain aging and body deterioration.  The foods that contain the greatest number of antioxidants are: citrus fruit, berries, avocado, garlic, onion, almonds, carrots, alfalfa, aloe, etc.  Include vegetable juices in your day, one made with carrots and combined with different vegetables. This cannot be absent in your diet.

4. Exercise and follow a daily exercise routine:

This will promote good circulation in your body and will most of all, keep your tissues well oxygenated and clean.  The secret to exercising resides in practicing some sort of activity that you truly like.  This will increase the wonder and benefits or your practice.  Avoid exercising out of competition.  It’s better to find an activity that you feel comfortable with that involves the largest amount of muscles possible.  Dance, yoga, Taichi, swimming, etc., are a few examples of very enjoyable activities.  If you exercise without enjoying it, it will not provide the same results as is you were to choose an activity that you truly like.

5. Avoid too many creams or oils on your skin:

If you put on too many creams on your skin, your skin will get used to always receiving nutrients from outside and will become lazy in making its own oils and natural nutrients.  Use creams and clean your face every night but don’t use too much.  It’s best to apply natural fruit or vegetable masks every once in a while.

6. Keep your spirit and emotions happy and calm:

High stress levels cause the pore to close and nutrients are thereby prevented from being absorbed and eliminated effectively.  This is even when you are well rested, when you sleep enough hours and avoid staying up late.  Practicing meditation is good for this, as well as reading books that help you understand what you feel and to live creatively and happily.  The youth that you reflect has a lot to do with your drive for life and how much you enjoy what you do.

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