Natural health for Teeth and Gums

Teeth and gums are a very important part of our body.  It’s said that a healthy and beautiful set of teeth is the result of healthy gums.  When our gums are unhealthy, our teeth are the first to suffer the consequences.  Bleeding or weak gums (pyorrhea), and loose teeth, could be cured and prevented with the following simple advice for teeth and gums.

 Woman teeth and GumsAdvice for naturally healthy teeth and gums

GENERAL HEALTH FOR GUMS: Beyond just good oral hygiene (washing teeth well and flossing between each tooth at least once a day), it’s good to give yourself a small massage with your fingers at least twice a week.  The massage can be done in the following fashion: with your index finger, rub the gums in a circular fashion, reaching all the way to the back and around both sides.  It’s even better to do this massage with a bit of lemon juice on the finger.  Lemon is an excellent purifier, cleanser, and tissue repairer.  Using lemon like this also helps prevent cavities and gum weakness.

BLEEDING GUMS: Marigold is an herb that produces truly extraordinary effects on gums suffering from this condition.  You can purchase it in a tincture at health food stores.  Apply it with a cotton ball or directly with a finger.  Leave it in your mouth for two or three minutes, before getting up in the morning and going to bed at night.  Do this with clean teeth.  Chlorophyll is another good remedy for teeth and gums.  Using it as a mouth wash produces extremely beneficial and restorative results for damaged gum tissue.

DAMAGED GUM TISSUE: There is nothing better than papaya for this.  Apply pureed papaya on the gums and, if possible, give yourself a gentle massage with it.  This is the best way to eliminate bacteria and repair damaged tissue close to the teeth.  In fact, you can even chew papaya strips, holding them in the mouth for a few minutes.

LOOSE TEETH: It turns out that this problem is now more and more frequent because people no longer chew raw foods, such as carrots, apples, etc.  In some ways, food have become more cooked and processed, causing a lack of exercise for the teeth, which causes the teeth to become loose.  To prevent this, we recommend chewing as much as you can on raw foods, especially carrots.  This not only strengthens teeth, but helps to strengthen and maintain healthy gums.

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