Low platelets (thrombocytopenia): causes and natural treatment

Platelets are blood cells in charge of defending the body.  They are produced in bone marrow and there are roughly 150 thousand to 350 thousand platelets per millimeter of blood in men and between 162 thousand and 380 in women.  Platelets are indispensable for coagulation, which prevents hemorrhages or blood loss from injuries, among other things.

glucose level blood testOne platelet has a lifespan that oscillates between eight and twelve days.  They play a fundamental role in hemostasis and they are a natural source of growth factors.  Platelets circulate through the blood of all mammals.

Why do platelet levels become low?

  • From certain infections like HIV.
  • Using certain pharmaceuticals.
  • Poor diet.
  • Anemia.
  • Folate deficiency or vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Infections or cancer in bone marrow (very rare).
  • Cirrhosis (chronic liver disease).
  • Myelodysplasia.
  • Energetic or emotional causes: lack of happiness, depression and feeling like a victim, being unable to defend oneself when we feel we are being attacked, as well as feeling like you are not growing or advancing.  All this causes the body to be more prone to contacting this type of imbalance.

Symptoms of low platelets

  • Bruises (ecchymosis)
  • Risk of hemorrhages, either nasal or oral bleeding.
  • Skin rashes or red marks.
  • When platelet deficiency is very milk, there may not be any symptoms.

How to naturally treat it

The body has a surprising ability to self-heal, all it needs is for you to give it all the necessary elements to self-balance, self-repair, and self-heal by itself.  Natural medicine can cure your body if you are patient and if you truly give it all the nutritive elements to strengthen it. 

Diet: diet, as with all conditions, plays a paramount role.  You must avoid junk food and all kinds of processed and refined food, which does not nourish the body and only creates toxins and deficiencies in the systems and organs.  You must avoid white or refined sugar and flour, packaged foods, cow’s milk, and fried food.

It is absolutely necessary that you follow a diet rich in enzymes and B vitamins, and that you drink two liters of water a day, at least.  So your diet cannot lack the following foods: sprouts, fresh vegetables, especially carrots, beets, celery, aloe or prickly pear, and raw garlic.  Fruits are excellent in the morning.  Before breakfast, lemon or pineapple are perfect, or any other citrus or acidic fruit, which helps cleanse the body and helps the body better absorb nutrients.

Natural supplements for raising platelet levels:

  • Brewer’s yeast: take one or two pills before eating each meal, twice a day.
  • Spirulina seaweed: take one or two pills a day or dilute it in soups or teas if you buy it in powder form.
  • Vegetable milks: soy, oatmeal, canary seed, etc.
  • Fruit juices.
  • Chia:  tiny seeds with lots of nutritive properties that you could add to juices or smoothies, soups, etc.  Take one tablespoon once a day.
  • Extra-virgin olive oil: use it on salads or drink one or two tablespoons a day.

Exercise: exercising will help maintain good oxygen and nutrient circulation.  You should do some sort of activity that you really enjoy so the body is also nourished by your pleasant energy while you exercise.

Rest: You must try to get good rest, because while you sleep, glands are activated which are in charge of cellular regeneration.  This rejuvenates and cures all systems.

Attitude: is fundamental for all healing processes.  In this case, you should re-evaluate your life.  Take a look to see if you truly feel like what you do satisfies you, or if you could be storing resentment towards certain people or situations for what they didn’t give you.  You should also reconsider some sort of new growth in your life.e  You might learn to understand yourself better, to know your strengths better and way in which to transform your life.


You will need:

  • One glass of recently made carrot juice
  • One tablespoon of brewer’s yeast (or take two pills along with the juice if you don’t like the taste)
  • Half a cup of aloe
  • One teaspoon of chia

Blend everything and slowly sip without straining.

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