Leukemia: Causes and Alternative Treatments

Leukemia is described as the excessive production of white blood cells, or leukocytes.  These cells make up blood tissue and plat a part in the body’s defenses against foreign substances or infectious agents (antigens).  White cells originate in bone marrow and lymphatic tissue.

An overproduction of leukocytes infiltrate the spleen and liver, which are thereby damaged by this excess.  The lymphatic and nervous system are also severely affected by this disharmony, and the overproduction of body defenses.Leukemia: Causes and Alternative treatments

Causes of leukemia:

  • Defects or imbalances in bone marrow.
  • Deficient and careless diets, high in harmful substances like foods that are processed, pickled or packaged, meats, products with preservatives, refined carbohydrates like flours, sweets, sodas, pastries, etc.
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies like iron, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin C, etc.
  • Indiscriminate use of X-rays, medications or drugs, especially in children and pregnant women.
  • Excessive fluoridation in water or salt.
  • Deficient thyroid functioning.
  • Chronic viral infections.
  • Hereditary predisposition (which does not mean that the illness cannot be treated and even cured).
  • Constant defensive state, a frequent feeling of being attacked and a lack of true happiness and enthusiasm are emotional states that contribute to leukemia.

Symptoms of leukemia:

  • Extreme tiredness.
  • Anemia, thinness and weight loss.
  • Bone pains.
  • Pallid face.
  • Bruises (broken capillary veins) that easily form from contusions or minor lesions.
  • Frequent infections especially in children.
  • Poor spleen and liver function, symptoms similar to those of anemia perniciosa.
  • Increase in white blood cells (leukocytes) count with decreased  or lack of red blood cells (erythrocytes).

Natural treatment for leukemia

Knowing that the body possesses an extraordinary self-healing and self-repairing ability is nothing new.  Learning to cure yourself is learning to trust and develop this healing capacity that we all have, but that no one taught us.

Self-healing or natural treatment for leukemia is intimately related to three fundamental factors:


It is recommended to follow a high-quality dietary routine.  You must eliminate toxic and harmful substances like white or refined flours, white sugar and its derivatives, as well as packaged, fried or processed foods, brines, red meats, etc.  You should include fresh vegetables in your diet, as well as fruits and seeds.

Adults are recommended to undergo a prior cleansing diet, eating just one fruit for three consecutive days, like grapes, papaya, oranges, etc., and two liters of fresh water a day.  Afterwards, begin the proposed diet, slowly including foods into your diet.

Soy and its byproducts are a fantastic option for people with leukemia, whom should also choose vegetable soups, fresh and varied juices with different vegetables each day, as well as consuming foods rich in vitamins C, like oranges, lemon, onion, etc.

Foods that should not be left out of your diet: garlic, onion, citrus fruit, whole grain rice, berries, seeds, tomato, broccoli, celery, soy, tofu, sprouts, alfalfa, amaranth, lentils, vegetable milks (rather than cow’s milk), infusions like green tea (rather than all sugar-sweetened and processed drinks).

A few supplements: chlorophyll (excellent cellular re-builder), ginseng, brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, grain molasses, echinacea, pollen, and spirulina seaweed are foods that help greatly with deep recovery.  Aloe vera juice is a reconstructor and a potent cell regenerator.  You should also frequently include linseed in your diet.

You can take chlorophyll in liquid form or in tablets.  One tablespoon a day dissolved in juice or water.  You can drink green tea two or three times a day, but after waiting 15 minutes after meals.


The body responds to your emotional states.  Everything that you feel is reflected in your body.  Tension, uncontrolled anger, sadness, etc., create certain biological reactions inside you, which over time, are reflected in your states of health.

Excessive tension, prolonged feelings of defense or rejection, slowly deteriorate and degenerate organs and tissues, altering the nervous system and proper immune system functioning.  In regards to leukemia, it is important to attend to this important aspect.  Leukemia is associated with an aggressive perspective, one of self-defense, rejection, and low confidence and enjoyment of reality.

Practicing yoga and exercise are a few good alternatives for venting repressed feelings.  And in order to better understand what you feel, it is important that you observe yourself often, and that you find readings or conferences that stimulate your self-reflection and the questions that you truly love and want to follow in life.

Life habits

While recovering, you should try to avoid being close to pesticides, insecticides, highly contaminated areas, as well as X-ray and radiation exposure of any sort.

Try to exercise a bit, even though you may not feel very motivated.  Exercise sends messages of energy and vigor to all organs, tissues, and the body’s systems.  It provokes better circulation and nutrient absorption, and efficient oxygenation.  Try to rut for a bit, do some activity that you truly enjoy, like dancing, swimming, etc.

Try to focus your mind on pleasant and nourishing things, read books that stimulate your reflection and that nourish new understanding and ways of comprehending, feelings, and solving life.  I recommend the book “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay or “Nature Has a Remedy” by Dr. Bernard Jensen.

Children with leukemia: regarding children, it is recommended to strike up a conversation with them whereby they can express how they feel, in addition to strictly following the previous guidelines.  If parents do not feel capable of creating dialogues that help children or youth vent, they could resort to help.  There are professionals that can helps children unblock what prevents them from feeling at ease, or what they fear or what hurts them.

Nature walks: establishing contact with nature by walking, breathing clean air, and enjoying moments away from the rush, noise, and agitation of large cities, helps the soul restore harmony and to cleanse itself from stress, resentments, desperation, and fear.  Nature walks are especially nourishing for children.

Alternative therapies for leukemia

Bioenergetics, reflexology, and hyperthermia therapy (sauna) are truly very effective for leukemia.

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