Drink wine, one point for health

Have you ever heard about the health benefits of wine?  Does it really have all those benefits?  Why is this beverage highly recommended and not others, like beer, vodka, or even rum?

Glass and bottle of red wine with green leaf.Wine is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world.  That’s why its history and popularity has extended through thousands of years.  Everyone knows that even Jesus mentions wine in one of his parables.

Vitamins and minerals

Let’s start by confirming, effectively, that in spite of the fact that wine contains alcohol, it is a source of different vitamins, like A, C, and several B complex vitamins, like biotin, coline, inositol, cyanocobalamin, folic acid, nicotinic acid, pyridoxine, thiamine, among others.  All this plus small doses of iron, which can also help control conditions like anemia.


Recent studies have discovered that consuming wine, especially red wine, prevents omega-3’s from decomposing in the body.  This action would take place in the blood’s plasma, benefiting the heart.  That’s why currently a lot of doctors recommend drinking up to 300 ml of wine a day.

Even though moderate consumption is emphasized and it is associated with lower cardiovascular risk, the underlying mechanisms of these beneficial effects are “still not completely understood”.

Blood thinner

Another property assigned to red wine is its supposed anti-coagulant actions, or antithrombotic action.  It has been proven that sporadic or moderate wine consumers have lower levels of the protein fibrinogen, which promotes blood clotting.


Who has never heard once before of an elderly individual that claims that the secret to his/her longevity lies in drinking a small cup of wine after lunch?  This was just confirmed by a group of European researchers that suggested that daily, moderate consumption of red wine, between 22 and 32 grams of alcohol, has a protective effect against mortality of any cause.

This is supported by studies performed in France, the UK, Finland and Denmark, that claim that wine the the most beneficial spiritual drink for human beings.

Improves digestion

Because it promotes saliva secretions, white wine is actually advantageous for good digestion, especially in regards to proteins when eating meats, fish and cheese.


Some of the good news is that wine helps prevent diseases like arteriosclerosis.  The pholyphenols in red wine seem conducive to keeping blood vessels healthy by promoting the formation of nitrtic oxid (NO).  This is a fundamental chemical substance and a relaxations factor that plays an important role in regulating vascular tone.

Healthy dose

In order for red wine consumption to be good for you, it is recommendable not to exceed two cups a day, drinking at least four cups a week.  Enjoy the beverage along with meals and pregnant women and children should not consume it.

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