Tell me your Blood Type and I’ll tell you what to Eat

Medical studies advance everyday to find even more effective ways of healing.  Today, we’ll talk about a preventive, and health promoting method, based on blood type.  This will guide you in dietary decisions most appropriate for your health.
Blood cells in artery: Blood Type

How does this method for the blood type work ?

This method suggests choosing specific foods according to your blood type.  It has been found that each blood type either benefits, or is damaged by, certain foods.  Dr. D’Adamo explains that every blood type serves a specific immunological purpose within the body.  This means that consuming foods appropriate for each blood type can be extremely helpful in strengthening and maintaining a healthy immune system.  There are also certain blood groups that tolerate certain foods better than others.  Those that tolerate specific foods less lead to weight gain, a weakening of the immune system, and over time, leads to developing illnesses.

In the 80’s this same doctor developed diet that classifies food consumption according to blood type.  The list suggests foods that should be considered with greater attention, along with those that should be avoided, or consumed in lesser amounts.  The diet is as follows:

  • Type O: Individuals of this blood type should avoid or reduce as much as possible, consuming corn and wheat-based foods, and foods like lentils and carrots.  They should also reduce carbohydrate consumption.  This blood type can consume, however, animal products like red meats, chicken, lamb, fish, eggs, milk, and any animal products.
  • Type A: This group should avoid eating meat, dairy products, wheat and wheat products (such as crackers, breads, etc.).  The best foods for this blood type are fresh vegetables, either in salads or juices.
  • Type B: It is best for this blood type to avoid corn, wheat, and legumes.  They can easily eat red meat, chicken, and fish.
  • Group AB: This group can eat all the foods included in groups A and B.  It is advisable, however, that they avoid, or reduce, consumption of red meat, corn, wheat, and bananas.

Keep in mind…

Let us point out that this list is only a suggestion, and should not be strictly adhered to.  This means, for example, that if you’re Type O, it’s not that you should only eat red meats, but that you should consider them a little bit more and properly combine them with other foods, like vegetables.  However, if you are this blood type and you reduce your wheat consumption, your immune system will benefit from it.  The best thing to do is reduce the consumption of what doesn’t promote health for you, and increase consumption of foods that do promote your health.

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