Is Technology compatible with Love?

When I sat thinking about how fast the years go by as we get older, I began to think that, lately, things around us are also changing quickly.  Culture, roles, work, values…

Is Technology compatible with Love?The society in which we are living changes very quickly; the way in which we relate to family, friends, and workmates, with food, nature, information and even with ourselves is radically different from how thing were 50 years ago.

Today, our role as producers and consumers of goods grows exponentially , and our dependency on this and our personal success is irreparable.  Individuals remain more and more immersed in a sea of changes that they try to assimilate to in order to stay strong and to stay as safe as possible.  And even though the number of people and places with which we interact in the present moment is greater than what our parents had the opportunity to know, the depth of these experiences is noticeably lessened.  Our authentic self remains more isolated and distanced from the social spectrum than ever.

Try to really think about what truly worries any one of the people you say hi to in the office, and you will know what I’m talking about.

In light of these reflections I stopped to think how, in spite of everything, the concept of love continues to be essentially the same today, as that which Emily Bronte described in “Wuthering Heights”, or Alfred Hitchcock in “Rebecca”.  

Could it be that there is a growing imbalance between the classic Romantic idea of love that we still try to attain in our lives, and the interpersonal distance that we live day to day, governed by the standard communication norms, and the socio-economic keys to efficiency?

We all want to be loved for what we hide inside ourselves and for what makes us special, but this interior is located more and more deeply into the future, if things keep going the way they are.

Searching for solutions to this puzzle, I remembered that Nolan and Johnson suggested in their novel “Logan’s Run”, just like so many other science fiction authors that sketched futures surprisingly similar to the world we live in today: love, once impossible to find out there, is now brought to us by technology.

Do you think technology will change forever the way in which we fall in love?

It might not be too hard to believe.

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