How to Clean your Intestines: 5 Pieces of advice for doing so naturally

Waste and toxin accumulation in the intestines can cause an individual to suffer from different diseases, like irritable colon syndrome or colitis, constipation or diarrhea, abdominal inflammation and pain, etc., which are annoying and affect largely a person’s daily life.

How to Clean Intestines: 5 Pieces of advice for doing naturallyThat’s why it is becoming more important to know how to clean your intestines with appropriate techniques so that you can obtain the benefits from this type of treatment without producing harmful side effects.  Because the intestines influence greatly the elimination of toxins and the strength of the immune system, you need to know which methods can guarantee health over a long period of time.

5 Natural Remedies for cleaning the intestines

A few useful techniques for cleansing the colon are detailed below:

  1. Laxatives: If you are mildly constipated, or if you have a fairly healthy lifestyle, the simply use of a slow laxative could guarantee an effective intestinal cleanse.  You should not abuse laxatives, however, because this could be harmful and in some cases it could even irritate the entire body.
  2. Enzymes: This is a more natural solution than laxatives.  Enzymes are applied with a special douche, and there can be different types available.  Enzymes are administered by inserting a small amount of liquid into the intestinal tract via the anus, which is in charge of eliminating toxins from the body.  Just like laxatives, you should not abuse this cleansing method, and you need to know exactly how to cleanse the intestines with this technique to avoid causing damages.
  3. Cleansing juices: There are a wide variety of cleansing juices that are great for cleansing the body by eliminating toxins from the body.  Because the ingredients include fruits and vegetables they are not harmful to health, and you’ll also get the added benefit of getting additional vitamins and nutrients.  These juices can be consumed sporadically, undergoing treatment for a maximum of 10 days.
  4. Colon lavage: This is a type of enzyme that is administered by a health professional whereby a liquid is sprayed into the intestines, which will execute a deep cleansing.  This is a more controlled method, and the excretion of toxins will bring great health benefits afterwards to the patient.
  5. Magnesium salts: Also known as Epsom salts, these have a less invasive laxative effect on the body and have been used for several years without any side effects.  You must understand, however, before any treatment, that you should consult your physician before making a selection.

Intestinal health

It’s important that we mention that regardless of the method that you choose to cleanse your colon, this is only one way to intervene with digestive tract health.  You must complement these techniques with a healthy diet, including a healthy balance of nutrients that maintain intestinal movement while at the same time constantly cleansing the body.  While undergoing a cleansing treatment, you should follow a strict diet in order to get the most benefits of the method you’re using.

Colon cleansing methods should not be overused.  Abusive use could damage some of the intestinal flora, which means that even more toxins will accumulate as there is not protective layer against harmful agents entering.  When cleansing is performed appropriately and at correct times, toxin elimination helps restore damaged flora, providing huge health benefits.

It’s a good idea to always consult a doctor to guide you on how to cleanse your intestines safely, and using the most recommendable method for each individual and their particular condition.  Likewise, the doctor should evaluate the condition of your digestive tract to search for any other medical conditions that could be addressed, to keep your colon in even better condition.

Normally health professionals don’t recommend any type of intense treatment unless the intestines are becoming irritable, or are developing ulcers.  In other cases, better dietary habits in general are always recommendable.  Stay away from saturated fats, de-worm yourself, and in any way possible, avoid highly seasoned or spicy foods.

Even though these are simple tips to follow, do not underestimate them.  They are the key not only to having healthier intestines, but to having a better quality of life.  These 5 tips listed here are an excellent starting point for having cleaner intestines.

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