A young and fit Brain

Keeping the brain active is the best way to retain health and mental dexterity.  General well-being in the body depends, in large part, on the health of the brain.  It is the most important tool for developing coordination and intelligent movement in the body.

Young and fit brainBodily health, and even emotional health, depend on a healthy brain.  This organ must be well oxygenated, nourished, stimulated and active so that a healthy and general balance exists within the body.


Physical activity, whatever that may be, is one of the best ways to keep the cells of the brain (neurons) well oxygenated and active.

Stimulating environment

The intellectual environment, thinking, reflecting, reasoning, inventing, imagining, etc., are all indispensable activities for development and stimulation of cerebral functions.

Problems and difficulties

If you have ever complained that you had a lot of problems, you can now begin to see them in new light.  Every time that your brain focuses on resolving some problem or difficulty, the neurons are stimulated whereby creating new neurotransmitter connections or “routes”.  Learning a language or a new way of doing things is absolutely necessary for your brain to always be cheerfully active and to broaden its capabilities.  The brain becomes slow and ages if it is continually subjected to idle activities like watching TV, gossiping, criticizing, etc.

Thinking and understanding

Every time you have an experience and you try to understand and find reasons, your ability to think grows, and your understanding becomes more flexible.

Imagination and creativity

Intelligence and creativity are not only hereditary factors, but are largely developed.  It is important to everyday try doing things a little differently than you did yesterday.  Take a few moments each day to imagine how you could say something in a different way, or how you could express to someone that you love them without having to say the words.

Nourish your brain

The brain, however, couldn’t work at full capacity if not nourished correctly.  It is necessary to include antioxidant foods in your diet, vitamins A and E, and lots of seafood (which contains fats essentially for the brain).

Rest and relaxation

If your brain is too active and you never let it rest, it can become tired, and won’t function clearly.  It is important to sleep well, or to give yourself two or three 10 minute relaxation breaks, without doing anything.  Breathing exercises are very good for this.

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