Fragrances and Sensuality

Good afternoon.  We’ve all heard a lot about fragrances and the effects they have on attraction.  Today I’m going to propose something: I propose that we get in touch with understanding these fragrances (essential oils) and their sensual effects.

Fragrances and SensualityThe Rose is a well-known flower, whose essential oil is associated with sensuality due to its texture, and brilliant and stimulating colors.  But I would like to talk to you about other essential oils in existences which aren’t so commonly spoken about.  These are the extracts that come from: Patchouli, ylang ylan, and vetiver.

What do essential oils provide?

You might be asking: what does each Aromatherapy provide?  Let’s get started:

Patchouli: Patchouli essential oil promotes increased sexual desire.  It is also useful for impotence, alleviating lethargy, calming the effects of stress, and it contains antiseptic properties.

Ylang ylang: possesses aphrodisiac properties that also help sexual desire.  It is an excellent natural aphrodisiac that alleviates pre-menstrual syndrome and Depression.  (Important: use just a small amount because it could irritate some skin types).  You  can also find ylang ylang incense sticks.

Vetiver: this essential oil can also be used as a support to other essential oils, to help relax and alleviate tensions.

So now you know which essential oils to used.  I suggest you use them in a soft, slow massage on your back, arms, legs…and as you already know, be sure to use a carrier oil to make your formula.  And remember: you should use natural, pure essential oils that are good quality, to make sure you avoid skin irritation and discomfort.

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