Dry Body Brushing: Rejuvenate, Tighten, and Treat Varicose Veins

Body Brushing away dry sin is one of the most ancient and effective beauty techniques around.  It has been used in European and Oriental countries for over one hundred years, to improve health and beauty for skin.  Several beauty salons and spas use it with great results for skin.  The most incredible thing about it is that you can do it at home.  It is easy and simple, just follow the steps given at the end of this article.
Dry Body Brushing: Rejuvenate, Tighten, and Treat Varicose Veins

Benefits of dry body brushing

  • Helps the body eliminate superficial toxins that are lodged on the skin, like dust, soap, cream residue, etc.  This helps to keep skin truly clean, allowing it to breathe properly.  Brushing eliminates these particles, making your skin truly oxygenated.
  • Helps remove dead skin cells that are stuck on the skin, preventing it from healthily and consistently renewing itself.  This creates smooth and rejuvenated skin that is also more firm.
  • On of the greatest benefits of dry body brushing is that it stimulates the lymphatic system, which is in charge of eliminating toxins and waste substances from the body.  When the lymphatic system works well, the body’s defense system increases.
  • Helps prevent cellulite as it releases stored fat from the body.
  • Brushing the body improves circulation, which is one of the bases for good health in general.  It prevents stored fat and varicose veins, as well as cold hands and feet.  Good circulation also increases energy in the body and correct circulation and nutrients and oxygen distribution to skin and internal organs.
  • By practicing this technique as indicated below, you will help firm and strengthen muscles and droopy or flaccid skin.  This is a fantastic remedy for individuals with a flaccid and droopy abdomen, or with thin, wrinkly skin.

What you need for this Beauty technique

As you can see, dry body brushing has some great benefits.  It is truly a home remedy that requires almost no investment.  All you need to buy is:

  • One natural fiber brush designed especially for body brushing, and another smaller brush for the feet.
  • A medium or small size towel.

How to perform dry body brushing

  • Perform dry body brushing every day, with your brush and body dry.  Keep your towel handy.
  • We recommend doing this early in the morning.  This technique consists of brushing your body from toe to head, starting first with the brush for your feet brushing from down to up.  Start with the soles of your feet and the lower part of your feet.  Once you have finished brushing your feet, continue upwards towards your body.
  • Make a special time for brushing your body.  Move up from your ankles to your calves, moving from the bottom to the top.  Lift your brush and place it once again at the base of your ankle and move up your leg to your calf again.  Do this on both calves and then continue onto your thighs.
  • Once you finish with your thighs, using the same technique moving from bottom to top, brush your buttocks.  Don’t forget to move the brush from bottom to top.  Then brush your abdomen.  This area is important, especially if it’s flabby.  Use the brush in small movements from bottom to top, always moving against gravity.  This stimulates the skin to re-firm itself.
  • Cover the entire area of your abdomen, above your belly button, until reaching your chest.  If you are a woman, gently brush your breasts.
  • After having brushing your abdomen and chest, brush your back, starting with your buttocks and moving the brush upward.  Then move the brush over your shoulders to finish brushing the top of your back.  Don’t forget to brush your sides, by your ribs.
  •  Now brush your arms, starting first with the palm of your hand and forearms.  Then brush from your elbows up to your shoulders.
  • Lastly, brush your neck.  Start with the nape of your neck, this time moving from top to bottom, starting at the hair line.  Then brush the sides of the neck very gently.  Do not brush your face.
  • Once you finish brushing, moisten the small towel with cold water and rub it over your entire body, starting with your ankles and moving upwards to your legs, abdomen, buttocks, back, arms and neck.  Finish with your feet.

After brushing you can either take a bath or apply some sort of moisturizing cream, and then get dressed.  If you don’t take a bath, try to brush your body just in the summer or during hot weather.  You could also try getting your body used to this technique in the winter.  If just starting out, do this once a week, then every two or three days.  If you get used to it, this could be a very healthy technique.  Your skin will look and feel better.

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