Show me your hands and I will tell you how you are

Show me your hands and I will tell you how you are and what you do. More and more people rely to meet someone when they look at their hands because they are such a tell tale part of the body, which may even reveal our age. In addition, your skin is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, especially the palm.Show me your hands and I will tell you how you are

In recent times, hands have become our best form of presentation, or the opposite: This is why we must take care to show them without fear and at any time.

However, if you are a housewife, housework can end up affecting them, because your hands are often in contact with various types of chemicals that contain substances that irritate the skin, such as detergents, soaps, washing up liquids, bleaches, disinfectants, solvents and cleaners. There are also waxes and floor polishes, furniture, cars, etc. that kill soft, natural oils, as well as affecting the health and age of our hands.

Symptoms of dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis has become the most common skin complaints among housewives who often use these cleaners at home.
Among the most common symptoms of inflammation of the skin of the hands that occur are itching, swelling and redness. Also your hands may look scaly, dry, rough and in some cases cracks may appear and you may experience pain. If you suffer from this skin complaint, it can prevent you from handling certain products or, for example working in a hairdressing salon, as it necessary to work with shampoo, dyes, lotions and other harmful products.
During these times, try to ask for the help of someone else to wash your hair, or you can also wear gloves not only for your personal care, but also for domestic and kitchen work.

Avoid chemicals

People with very sensitive skin need to take care when using detergents containing optical brighteners, as these are made with synthetic fluorescent additives in order to make our clothes look whiter.
Another product with powerful chemicals is bleach: It can cause burns if used without proper protection. Also, if our hands are exposed to external factors such as temperature change and humidity the skin can be affected.

Home Care for Hands

– As a general rule, whenever you do housework, try to wear gloves to protect your skin from any contact with cleaning products, because they are made ??with very aggressive chemicals.
– Try to use white cotton gloves to perform any dry work. The advantage of these is that they leave the skin to breathe, prevent irritation, keep hands clean and thus reduce the amount of times you have to wash your hands.
– When you wash your hands, try to use mild soaps without perfume, tar and sulphur that will not disturb the PH of your skin. Try not to use hot water and dry them with a clean cotton towel, without forgetting to dry between your fingers.
A good cream or specific moisturiser is ideal to use on hands after each wash.
– Exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead skin cells. Not only will you have cleaner and softer hands, but they will be ready to receive any beauty treatment.
– To regenerate the skin and hydrate it, you could try dipping them in almond oil, natural olive oil or rose hip oil.
– A product that never fails in the home is Vaseline, as you can use it when you go to sleep. Apply it generously, wear cotton gloves and sleep with them on. Your hands will be ultra-hydrated the next day.
– In Winter time, cover your hands with soft gloves and heaters.
– Finally, if you already use sunblock on your face, your hands will thank you if you also apply it to them, avoiding premature ageing and stains if you take care of your skin.

Hand Spa

Beauty salons offer a variety of alternatives and treatments to give the attention that our hands deserve. It’s not necessary to have long nails to make them look beautiful. Trimmed, filed and cleaned with a little shine, regardless of their size will make them look great.

Here are some hand treatments

Heat treatment is indicated for skin with wrinkles, as well as a lack of elasticity, hydration and nutrition, giving an extra contribution of collagen.  For this treatment, the properties of the ingredients are combined with aromas, essential oils and lotions, which provide multiple benefits to the body.

With wine
A new hand spa treatment called Wine therapy incorporates extract of vinus vinifera (wine) in its products along with ingredients that promote regeneration, hydration and skin protection. This treatment will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of wine for your skin, with a complete treatment of exfoliation, toning and nutrition.

This treatment is indicated for undernourished skin with problems of dryness, lack of elasticity, as well as cracking or flaking.

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