Tips to stay Healthy and Beautiful in Cold Weather

The skin, hair, and eyes are the most exposed areas to the cold wind and dry environment during cold weather.  They’re not the only areas that feel it, however, so does the entire body, especially our airways.  These tend to adapt and acclimatize themselves to the cold weather so as to not feel it so severely.  In order to keep the body well nourished, and to provide it with the necessary requirements during cold weather, it is necessary that our immune system stay strong and healthy.  This will help the body to adapt to the necessary requirements of the season.Tips to stay Healthy and Beautiful in Cold Weather

A winter’s diet

For beginners, you must start with a proper diet:

  1. Fats: Fats are our least loved friends in many diets, because they’re thought of as harmful, and causing weight gain, cellulitis, and pimples.  Fats are indispensable elements, however, in our body’s functioning.  This is especially true for the heart and brain, and in winter, fats are necessary for the skin and hair.  So what you should be doing, is making sure that you include enough beneficial vegetable fats in your diet, like those found in almonds, nuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, olive oil, etc.
  2. Fresh vegetables: It is necessary to include at least 2 fresh vegetable juices a day in your diet.  Carrots are wonderful, as they contain a lot of vitamin A for the skin and eyes.  You can chose 2 or 3 vegetables to juice, and change them up every day.  We also recommend sprouts, which are perfect for strengthening the skin and eyes.
  3. Citric and acidic fruits: Vitamin C is absolutely necessary during this cold-weather season.  Since it is water soluble, it is very easy to eliminate from the body, which is why you should consume it daily in fresh juices or fruits.  Kiwi, pineapple, etc., and a few fruits that are high in vitamin C.  Broccoli and green peppers are also rich in this vitamin.

 Creams, oils, and tips to take care of your skin, hair, and eyes

Just as your nourish and take care of your skin when you go to the beach, it is also important that you do this during cold weather as well.  Winter can truly be damaging to the skin.

  1. Before heading out into the cold, use a moisturizing cream.  Cocoa butter or karite cream are fantastic at nourishing skin.
  2. When you come back home, or after being exposed to wind, wash your face with mineral water, and apply a moisturizing cream once again.
  3. Drink a lot of water to prevent your skin from drying out.
  4. Once a week, apply an avocado mask with olive oil and mayonnaise.
  5. Selenium is an important antioxidant and an indispensable element for skin and hair beauty.  Don’t forget to include goat cheese, eggs, foods from the sea, legumes, and whole wheat in your diet.
  6. If you’re going to be exposed to the elements, use glasses so your eyes are not so chilled by the wind.
  7. Exercise!  Beyond warming you up, it will vigorously help your circulation carry necessary nutrients to all parts of your body.

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