The Hand of all Fortunes

A little while ago I met a little girl that really caught my attention: the enthusiasm she expressed through her body’s movements showed so much sincere interest in everything going on with both the people that surrounded her, as well as nature.  She watched the ants in their ant hill, and spent hours watching the drop fall down the window when it rained.  Her face showed astonishment and interest in a great many things around her, and what’s more, she seemed to love everyone, and openly expressed this.  Her enjoyment of life seemed to know no bounds.
Reaching hands. Concept for rescue, friendship, guidance....

The hand of fortunes

And watching her one afternoon observe the palm of her hand with utmost interest, and afterwards pointing out to me that my hand as well hand “tiny paths” (referring to the lines in my hand), she explained something to me about joy and fortune that I didn’t understand very well.  Her mother then walked lovingly towards us and said, with a nearly magical voice, while tracing the lines in my hand with her index finger: these are the lines of fortune, of luck, and all that you desire.  You, and her, and everyone, is born with all our paths already forged towards what we want.  The only thing we need to do is walk them, and enjoy them, because we were born to enjoy.

The mother was a truly abundant woman, surrounded by charisma and a very special beauty.  She very kindly sat down next to me, and told me that once, when she was nearly a teenager, someone read her hand and had told her, following her lines with their index finger, that each line represent a truly fortunate path, full of riches and abundant health.  These comments, that very moment, made her feel so full of joy and enthusiasm, they made her feel privileged.  She was simply convinced that those words were true, and she didn’t set out to investigate or ask anyone if there was truth in them.  She didn’t know if it was the way the palm reader said the words, or simply something she already knew; but regardless, she felt herself to be a truly fortunate person.  

So, as she grew, when things became difficult or something felt lacking, it was enough to simply think about that moment, remembering those words.  She looked at her hands as if they belonged to Kind Midas, and she herself felt she was “the queen of good fortune”.  She knew she had nothing to worry about, because she was destined for luck, riches, and ample health.  Her hands said it, but more importantly, she felt it.  And that was enough for any uncomfortable situation of problem, including sickness, to lack any real importance.  Every moment was just another step of this great blessing, any sort of problem attenuated into nothing.  It never bothered her much when something hurt her, and she always thought “it’ll be gone soon”.  She was convinced that her destiny was to enjoy, so she focused on things she really enjoyed, “in every way, I am destined for the best”, she thought.  And she never fixed her eyes or attention on the problem, the lack of something, or the impossibilities.  She focused, instead, on her fortune, her richness, her health, and in searching for what really satisfied her.  Her attention was focused on her dreams.  And she told me that things had been that way until one afternoon, two years after the prediction, when something disconcerting happened…(continued in part 2)

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