The dangers of Wi-Fi and Cell Phones

Being connected real time with the rest of the world today is a trending need.  It’s no longer enough to simply have an Internet connection at home, we still want more.  We need a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, which can be used as a news portal, to check your email and to interact in social media.Dangers of Wi-Fi and Cell phones

We use it in the car, walking to the office, returning home, at family reunions or with friends.  We have truly become cell phone dependent or internet dependent.

What’s even worse, is a lot of us sleep glued to our phones.

The consequences and dangers of using Wi-Fi and Cell phones

But, have you ever asked yourself what health consequences that using this new technology could have on you?

According to experts at Trent University in Canada, the radio waves emitted by cell phones, Wi-Fi connections and tablets could cause anything from allergies, to a cancerous illness.


These specialists have confirmed that sleeping with your cell phone under your pillow is a life hazard.  It is so severe, they have confirmed that 40% of people that do this, wake up on the edge of a stroke.

Be careful of tumors

Likewise, spending the majority of the day with your phone glued to your ear in a latent risk for brain tumors, known as gliomas, which are malignant, or also meningiomas, which are benign.

This is because of the radiation emitted from this device when talking.  It creates a thermal effect in tissues, increasing body temperatures by more than on degree centigrade. 

Allergenic effects

Other related illnesses could include migraines, hypertensive crisis, difficult breathing, increase in heart rate and inability to concentrate.

These conditions are understood as a condition called the “allergenic effect” to the electromagnetic waves.  Although these studies are still in their early stages, there are more and more specialists that are leaning towards this posture, who admit to “electromagnetic pollution” caused by devices that surround us daily.

No more than 3 minutes

We should also mention that the World Health Organization (WHO) published an article based on research conducted in 13 European Union countries.

They showed that more active cell phone users are 50% more likely to suffer from a type of cancer called “carcinoma”.


The Peruvian nuclear physicist Rolando Jauregui, president of the Energy and Development Research Institute has therefore recommended that calls not last any longer than 3 minutes, and he advises disconnecting your Wi-Fi from technology devices at night, or at least keep it away from your bed when sleeping.

If you’re going to place a long call, it’s better to connect to a hands free device.

Not for Children

It is important to avoid exposing your children to these waves, especially if they’re babies.  It’s best for them not to use cell phones during this age because their organs are still forming, and could be damaged by it.

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