Sesame Oil in Cosmetics

A lot of times, summer skin allergies are due to none other than our skin’s intolerance to aluminum, titanium, nickel…which are frequently contained in normal sunscreens.

Mujer Tumbada en la PlayaBronzers are much more natural and cares for your skin a little bit more by using appropriate products and giving your skin time to get dark.

Beauty professionals have found a lot of benefits in applying sesame oil.  It has proven to be revitalizing for skin which is why it is found in treatments against flaccidity.  Sesame oil is also a natural bronzer because it hydrates the skin and acts as a sun filter for UVB radiation.  In Spain, the firm Najel sells a cream with sesame oil and chamomile that is completely natural and paraben-free that helps get a smooth, uniform, and natural tan.

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